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November 7, 2017

News You Can Use



June 1, 2017

Don’t Take My Word For It

Dr. David Katz:

A board-certified specialist in Preventive Medicine.

A clinical instructor at the Yale School of Medicine.

Published on Feb 5, 2014

May 30, 2017

JuicePlus+ Omega Blend: New


April 24, 2017

1600 in 8


I mentioned in a recent Blog Post that I care about your health. I also mentioned that I see it as my job to help you make the best health choices that you can. One way that I do that is by providing you with valuable information: not the stuff you will get through the mainstream (corporate) media; and not the stuff you will see walking down the isles.

Often what we recommend is free – if you don’t count time and energy. Sometimes there is a cost. But the cost of health promotion and maintenance is nothing compared to the cost of being sick and diseased. And it is going to be one or the other. The older you get, the more certain you can be of that fact.

It is hard for some people to believe that we are not just another place making recommendations so we can sell stuff. For those who can get past that and actually look at what we recommend… here is a video describing the results of the 36th clinical study performed on JuicePlus+ products (https://safeshare.tv/x/ss58fb8760eb9a4).

(And I just figured out that if you go to our JP+ site and click on the photo of the Journal that each study is published in, you get a synopsis of the research results, cool huh? Here is the link to the Study in the video: http://dennisdilday.juiceplus.com/us/en/clinical-research/published-medical-and-scientific-journals)

JuicePlus+ is like Tai Chi and Kangen water: the more science studies it, the more benefits it is recognized as having. These things are like cheating for anyone wanting to restore or maintain their health. If that is you just let us know and we can help.

November 16, 2016

“Just like JuicePlus+”

Yeah, right. Here is a link to a review of that claim, and an image (worth a thousand words).


October 4, 2016

“I lost 7 pounds immediately.”

He said that he lost 7 pounds ‘immediately’ and that put him at a nearly ideal weight; and he had stayed there since.

Interesting response from a patient who recently decided to go on the JuicePlus+ Orchard and Garden Blend capsules.

He didn’t go on JuicePlus+ to lose weight; and I didn’t give him the impression that he would. But he did.

I told him that he wasn’t the first to report an immediate loss in weight, several other people also had that same experience. Some experience a decrease in pain (JP+ is proven to lower inflammation), and some report an almost immediate increase in energy.

That is all great. So is JuicePlus+.

For more info or to place your Order, call (425) 348-5207.

September 27, 2016

JuicePlus+ Is AAA+

I almost never talk about the networking (business) opportunity that JuicePlus+ represents, for lots of reasons, but when the news is really good about a company that I think is really good, why not?

If making money without doing much work, while constantly learning, and having fun is of interest, take a look at this: https://www.businessforhome.org/2016/09/juice-plus-classified-as-triple-a-opportunity/

(That would fall under checking out the company to see if it is any good.)

Most people will choose a long commute to a miserable job they don’t like where they give away their time and health for a lifestyle of addictions to more life-robbing activities. These same folks will look down their noses and judge harshly the network marketing business model; their choice makes sense to them. They have had, or heard, horror stories, gotten bad advise and (maybe) had unfortunate experiences. That can happen with anything. (Use one standard to judge, not two.) Many people, however, are looking for a way to improve their financial/lifestyle situation: this approach deserves serious consideration.

It is important to be careful who you listen to, do the do diligence, and go into it with your eyes all the way open. (In this regard I recommend taking a systems approach – see any prior Posts on Permaculture or The Nature Step to get an idea what that means.)

Anyway, it’s interesting that when it comes to this type of business, this is a company that delivers for the distributors: many companies do not. In this business you have to think about the products. You have to think about the company. And you have to understand the nature of the business.

JuicePlus+ has established itself as having the most researched brand name nutritional products in the world: whoever is in second place is way back there, and no one who looks into seriously will deny that. Now there is more evidence that, as a company (and there are a lot of details here, not just the ‘compensation plan’.) they get the highest possible rating. Call the office at (425) 348-5207 and ask for more details if you are interested.


September 23, 2016

“What’s in your supplement?”

That is the title to the feature article in the most recent Bottom Line’s Health In Action.

We have talked about it here many times and will be again at our Event on the 28th.

Here is some of what that article said:

“About one out of every four supplements sold in the US does not contain what is listed on the label or has other quality problems, according to tests performed by ConsumerLab.com”

The Labels are Not Accurate

“…last year, an investigation into the store-brand supplements of the biggest national retailers – Walmart, Target, GNC and Walgreens-found that man of thither products did not contain the herbs listed on their labels…others included ingredients that were not listed on their labels, some of which were potential allergens.”

“And the problem goes way beyond the the four big retailers above.”


“…because the industry at large goes unregulated, be sure to purchase only professional-grade vitamins and supplements that have undergone testing and quality assurance from a reputable supplier.”

Again, we have talked about it here literally hundreds of times, and will again next week, but the bottom line, really, is that you need to be careful who you trust. This and other articles may be part of an agenda to bring supplements under the control of the Government and the medical establishment: do you really want to trust them? They haven’t demonstrated themselves to be too trustworthy in my view. Further in the magazine there is another article talking about what supplements you should be taking. The whole idea that you should buy and take individual vitamins or minerals is close to 40 years behind the times: you need whole food and whole food supplements if you want to give your body nutrition in a way that it’s been used to dealing with for a million years. The idea that people who create vitamin & mineral formulas are smarter and know better and can second guess the body hasn’t panned out too well.

Join us Wednesday night, September 28th at 7 p.m. here at the office for an event that will help you make healthier choices. Call to RSVP (425) 348-5207.

April 1, 2016

A Little More On Pregnancy and JuicePlus+


I mentioned yesterday that a Study we hoped would get published didn’t make the grade. And I hinted at how researchers and their institutions end up deciding to do research: they think that they will find something useful, based on what they have learned from empirical data (you can’t talk about research without using that word can you?)

The JuicePlus+ company did a Newsletter in 2006 on the subject. If I can find a link I will share it.

And Dr. Mitra Ray wrote a piece on it in 201o. I didn’t read all of but found the part about the risks of taking Folic Acid supplements most interesting: taking individual supplements and lab formulated multivitamins is no longer thought of as benign (at worst) and helpful-for-sure (at best). A ‘crap shoot’ is more descriptive, and the risks can be quite high.

The story doesn’t stop with what JP+ can do for adults, for children, and for woman who are pregnant.

There is growing evidence (no not a published Study… yet!), that if you want to become pregnant but haven’t been able to, JuicePlus+ may be of help. The thing is once enough doctors experience these things with enough patients, and begin to tell each other, they begin to wonder if that common denominator – JuicePlus+ – might be the CAUSE… the research to find out for sure is just a matter of time.

Meanwhile, if you are adult, a child, pregnant, or want to be, how much longer are you going to wait?

How much longer are you going to buy the cheap stuff and hope for the best? JuicePlus+ is the standard all the other products are compared to; and it’s the one the knock-offs and copy cats copy – there is another new copy cat at COSTCO right now!

Why not make One Simple Change (get on JuicePlus+) and join the millions of others who enjoy the benefits? Keep asking questions until you understand what you need to understand about it. Then call us at (425) 348-5207 and we will help you place your Order.



March 30, 2016

JuicePlus+ Research Fails


All last year we kept hearing that there would be another JuicePlus+ research study to add to the growing list. This time, we were told, it would be about what JuicePlus+ can do for pregnant woman and their newborns.

We JuicePlus+ people are always talking about the quality of research on the products and the value that naturally follows from that research: ‘Just look at what it does’ we say, ‘there is nothing like it,’ and ‘nothing else has been proven to do what JuicePlus+ can do’. We even use researcher jargon: “These are double-blind, placebo controlled, randomized clinical trials, conducted by university based researchers, and published in peer-reviewed journals.” We say that because it is true; and we know that – their advertising aside – no other products are even close to that kind of quality; any that are have only one or two studies. JuicePlus+ is now pushing 40 such studies! Several such studies will be published this year alone. (You can Google those words about and become and internet expert in a matter of minutes on what it means to have “Gold Standard” research.)

Recently I learned the bad news about that pregnancy study we have been dying to read: it didn’t get published. It didn’t get past the peer reviewers. It didn’t make it. (word is that it was a little too much about one guy’s clinic and the results that he got – or his pregnant patients got, I should say…). That’s a shame and a big disappointment. Doctors of all kinds are lining up for research that they can share with patients that will help them through pregnancy and get their newborns off to a good start. Now they will have to wait a little longer.

The good news is that a new study will be designed, and designed better. It will take time but it will be done. Meanwhile, do you have any idea why the studies that have been done, and are being done, are done? Why are all the oral health studies getting done? Why skin health? Doctors of all types have been recommending patients get on JP+ for decades; those doctors observe the effect that has on those patients (compared, in particular, to those other patients who do not take JP+). There are big effects/results/changes/improvements!! Then they sit around and think about proving that is the JP+ that is responsible for those results – we doctors are all supposed to be science-based you know.

The Point: We have standards! But, after over 30 studies, you may be convinced. If so, give us a call at (425) 348-5207 and we will help you place your Order.


March 29, 2016

A picture is worth…


January 22, 2016

What? JuicePlus+ and Stephen Ritz? Yep!

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