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June 10, 2017

“Blue Green Algae: Nature’s Most Potent Superfood.”

According to Dr. Daniel Pompa it is anyway.

And I would not argue with him: I began eating blue green algae in 1980, and have been a huge fan every since.

Like any whole food, this supplement is subject to degradation via all kinds of processing slip ups. That is why, after looking and working through those issues as well as cost, availability, and convenience, I wrote this Blog Post about it four years ago. Here is another Post where I put it in context (nutrition recommendations are not given in a vacuum – at least not if you are a health care professional, supposed to follow the evidence). And one more here.

Try searching “blue green algae” if you are interested because there are other Posts on it that I think are worth looking at – if you care about such things.


June 10, 2015

Serious Business

Yes, it’s business. Yes, it’s (sometimes:-) serious. Here is one example.

April 22, 2014

A Healing Opportunity

http://dennisdilday.juiceplus.com/content/JuicePlus/en/clinical-research/expert-testimonials/fruits-and-vegetables-as-preventive-medicine.html#.U1aAPBwmMi0 less than two minutes..Dr. David Katz from Yale’s Preventive Center of Medicine.-professor and board certified specialist.

“The most powerful medicine is at the end of your fork, not at the bottom of your pill bottle. Food is more powerful than anything in your medicine cabinet!” Dr. Hyman

Don’t you appreciate knowing you are getting a solid foundation of a variety of fruits, and veggies to build on. Variety and color..the only place we get micronutrients.

Here is what we know Juice Plus+ does for the body. 31 independent studies published in medical journals.
Juice Plus+ has been clinically proven to :(1) be absorbed by the body,( 2) reduce the oxidative stress associated with chronic disease and aging, (3) reduces systemic inflammation, (4) balances the the immune function so it’s healthy, (5) reduces DNA damage by 66% in 80 days, (6) improves cardio vascular health including lowering homocysteine, (7) improves both skin and gum health and has no negative side effects. It’s just food, a way to bridge the gap.

Call us for details (425) 348-5207 or place your Order here.

October 17, 2011

Cause and Effect: Supplements?

Have you noticed….

Yourself eating more fruits and vegetables? (YES)
An increase in the amount of water you drink? (YES)
A reduction in the amount of fast food and/or soft drinks you consume? (YES)
An improvement in the quality of your sleep? (YES)
An increase in your energy level? (YES)
An increase in the quality of your workout? (YES)
Stronger or faster growing nails? (YES)
Improvements in your complexion, such as smoother skin, clearer skin, a reduction in the oiliness or dryness of your skin, or just an overall healthier “glow”? (YES)
An improvement in regularity (bowel movements)? (YES)
An improvement in your general sense of wellbeing? (YES)

We offer whole food nutritional supplements.

Above are the results from a recent survey completed by one of our patients who has been on the supplements about 90 days. It is interesting that he didn’t even notice many of those changes until the questions were asked and then he realized that, yes, these things have improved as well.

Other people (72%) report consuming less fast food and drinking fewer soft drinks after being on the products. Still others (42%) report taking less prescription or over-the-counter medication. And finally, 51% report that they miss less school or work.

As health care providers we are supposed to follow the science, and offer evidence-based recommendations to our patients – what’s called Best Practices nowadays. That’s why we offer the supplements that we offer.

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