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June 1, 2017

Don’t Take My Word For It

Dr. David Katz:

A board-certified specialist in Preventive Medicine.

A clinical instructor at the Yale School of Medicine.

Published on Feb 5, 2014

April 28, 2017

Exciting Image

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I saw this image while reading about this research on Parkinson’s Disease and the gut.

If you think that this picture is amazing, think how amazing it is for us (chiropractors):-)

April 24, 2017

1600 in 8


I mentioned in a recent Blog Post that I care about your health. I also mentioned that I see it as my job to help you make the best health choices that you can. One way that I do that is by providing you with valuable information: not the stuff you will get through the mainstream (corporate) media; and not the stuff you will see walking down the isles.

Often what we recommend is free – if you don’t count time and energy. Sometimes there is a cost. But the cost of health promotion and maintenance is nothing compared to the cost of being sick and diseased. And it is going to be one or the other. The older you get, the more certain you can be of that fact.

It is hard for some people to believe that we are not just another place making recommendations so we can sell stuff. For those who can get past that and actually look at what we recommend… here is a video describing the results of the 36th clinical study performed on JuicePlus+ products (https://safeshare.tv/x/ss58fb8760eb9a4).

(And I just figured out that if you go to our JP+ site and click on the photo of the Journal that each study is published in, you get a synopsis of the research results, cool huh? Here is the link to the Study in the video: http://dennisdilday.juiceplus.com/us/en/clinical-research/published-medical-and-scientific-journals)

JuicePlus+ is like Tai Chi and Kangen water: the more science studies it, the more benefits it is recognized as having. These things are like cheating for anyone wanting to restore or maintain their health. If that is you just let us know and we can help.

Walking: Good News Research

It sounds a little complicated, but the message is: walk more to improve brain blood flow.


Just another great reason to do more walking.

October 31, 2016

Chiropractic IS Effective, Cost-Effective, and Safe

Schifrin, L.G. (1992). Mandated Health Insurance Coverage for Chiropractic Treatment: An Economic Arrangement with Implications for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Richmond, Virginia. 

“A fair interpretation of the evidence accumulated to date indicates that the impact of chiropractic mandates comes close to the “best case” scenario of low costs and high benefits.”

“Accordingly, the continuation of mandated chiropractic provider services in health care appears both reasonable and sound. It is a cost-effective provision in health insurance, and one that also serves the important goal of health care cost containment.”


March 30, 2016

JuicePlus+ Research Fails


All last year we kept hearing that there would be another JuicePlus+ research study to add to the growing list. This time, we were told, it would be about what JuicePlus+ can do for pregnant woman and their newborns.

We JuicePlus+ people are always talking about the quality of research on the products and the value that naturally follows from that research: ‘Just look at what it does’ we say, ‘there is nothing like it,’ and ‘nothing else has been proven to do what JuicePlus+ can do’. We even use researcher jargon: “These are double-blind, placebo controlled, randomized clinical trials, conducted by university based researchers, and published in peer-reviewed journals.” We say that because it is true; and we know that – their advertising aside – no other products are even close to that kind of quality; any that are have only one or two studies. JuicePlus+ is now pushing 40 such studies! Several such studies will be published this year alone. (You can Google those words about and become and internet expert in a matter of minutes on what it means to have “Gold Standard” research.)

Recently I learned the bad news about that pregnancy study we have been dying to read: it didn’t get published. It didn’t get past the peer reviewers. It didn’t make it. (word is that it was a little too much about one guy’s clinic and the results that he got – or his pregnant patients got, I should say…). That’s a shame and a big disappointment. Doctors of all kinds are lining up for research that they can share with patients that will help them through pregnancy and get their newborns off to a good start. Now they will have to wait a little longer.

The good news is that a new study will be designed, and designed better. It will take time but it will be done. Meanwhile, do you have any idea why the studies that have been done, and are being done, are done? Why are all the oral health studies getting done? Why skin health? Doctors of all types have been recommending patients get on JP+ for decades; those doctors observe the effect that has on those patients (compared, in particular, to those other patients who do not take JP+). There are big effects/results/changes/improvements!! Then they sit around and think about proving that is the JP+ that is responsible for those results – we doctors are all supposed to be science-based you know.

The Point: We have standards! But, after over 30 studies, you may be convinced. If so, give us a call at (425) 348-5207 and we will help you place your Order.


August 27, 2015

“…a colossal disability burden.”

I mentioned a couple of years ago that back pain had become the #1 cause of disability not just in the U.S. but in the world, and shared an article.

Here a more recent analysis of the same data, published in Lancet, June 7, 2015, highlights further the implications for our future.

35,620 sources of data were looked at and among other things they looked at the “years lived with disability (YLD)”.

“The transition to non-fatal outcomes as the dominant sure of burden of disease is occurring rapidly outside os sub-Saharan Africa and will require more and more attention from health systems. Premature death rates are in decline… but the death toll has been replaced by a colossal disability burden. Leading cause of disability in order: Low-back pain, …”. (depression was #2, neck pain #4, anxiety #6, migraines #7, and falls were #9). Lifestyle & age-related conditions are exerting a greater toll with “startling increases” in health loss from diabetes (it was #8), Alzheimer’s disease, osteoarthritis, etc. (Emphasis mine.)

One of the authors says that their findings are “a call to arms for policy makers to put more priority on keeping older people active, diagnosing & treating diseases more quickly and finding new ways of reducing suffering.” (Emphasis mine.)

What does proper chiropractic care and exercise do?

It keeps people active!!

(Notes from the August 22-23, 2015 Applying Cutting-Edge Research to Everyday Practice seminar by Dr. Malik Slosberg, D.C., M.S.) There are 132 pages of research excerpts and a an 11 page addendum current as of “Thursday” included. This is me sharing them with you:-)

January 30, 2015

The Immune System and JuicePlus+ In A Minute And A Half

January 13, 2015

My Favorite Dr. William Sears Video “Show me the science.”

December 9, 2014

“How to Choose the Best Quality Nutritional Supplements”

1559343_10153406433915200_7076689658473109983_oThat’s the title of this article.

I read because I wondering if they would recommend you look for supplements that have primary gold standard research. That wasn’t even mentioned. It’s so rare in the industry – some say “impossible” because it’s “too expensive” – that it doesn’t even rate mention.

So take a look at this article with your supplement bottles in your hands because there is some useful information about what not to buy. Then take your JuicePlus+ secure in the knowledge that the claims are backed up by real research and all the quality assurance claims are backed up by a third party endorsement of the highest caliber. There’s a reason the JuicePlus+ is the most popular name brand supplement in the world.

If you are not on JuicePlus+ yet, then Order your today here! Or call us for more information at (425) 348-5207.

December 3, 2014

chronic skin condition resolved in less than 3 wks on JP+

A patient was in the other day. She said that a skin problem she had tried to get rid of for years, using all kinds of treatments – including cortisone creams – has disappeared after less than three weeks on the JuicePlus+ Orchard & Garden Blend capsules. I said great. And she is only taking the Orchard and Garden Blends…

Skin health is one of the things that primary gold standard research published in peer-reviewed journals has shown will improve with JuicePlus+. There is a long and growing list of beneficial effects.

You can Order JuicePlus+ for yourself here. But I recommend you coordinate with me in case there is a child in your life because you can sponsor them in the JP Children’s Health Study and they can get JuicePlus+ for up to 4 years FOR FREE!!

Call us at (425) 348-5207.

October 29, 2014

Age-Proofing Your Muscles, thoughts on an article in TIME


“New research pinpoints the ideal moves to protect the male body as it ages”

That’s quite a promise and of course it caught my eye. So I thought, What are the moves? Why those? Why not others? Based on What?


“Fifty to 60 percent of men will get shoulder injuries in the lifetimes, Porcari says. Prevent injuries by building strength. His group’s recent study found that the dumbbell press was the No. 1 move for working the front part of the shoulders.”

The picture is of a guy sitting on a bench, two dumbbells going from the “hands up” position to overhead at arms length. Ok, fine. But don’t sit, stand – more work and more meaningful work gets done. And don’t use two bells, use one – same, the asymmetry trains stability (can you say “core”). Lastly, doesn’t start from the “hands up position”. Learn from the Hard Style Kettlebell people to be on the safe side. No sense getting hurt trying to prevent getting hurt!


“Upper-body strength is often the first to go as we age, Porcari says. But a study he worked on this year, commissioned by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), found that concentration curls are best for building the biceps.” That’s fine too, as far as it goes. I guess it’s obvious why the focus would be on “building the biceps” but it might be instructive to ask if building one of the smallest muscles in the upper body is the best strategy for building upper body strength – especially if the issue of being functional enters in at all. If it doesn’t and big guns are the goal, have at it.

The picture shows a guy sitting bent over with a (tiny:-) dumbbell doing a curl.

This exercise is also promoted because it’s simple, easy, takes minimal equipment, and it’s safe. In the group of six exercises, this is the only pulling exercise. Since in the upper body there are some very large pullers, if increasing upper body strength in as functional a way as possible is the goal, then I recommend pull ups. Again, the Hard Style Kettlebell people have that all dialed in with regard to technique and safety, as well as progressions, etc. Most people can’t do one pull up but it’s a fabulous exercise with a long list of benefits: big biceps being just one.


“Left alone, pectoral muscles will sink with age, but you can chisel them back with the humble push-up. “You’ll get a better physique and better muscle mass,” Porcari says. Start with wall push-ups, then move to knees, then to fully extended push-ups.” Yes indeed. It’s a classic. There are several ways to mess up a push-up but still it’s cheap, easy enough, and very productive. The opportunity to focus on tensing (you are in the Plank position after all), breathing and proper form as well as focus on either shoulder, chest or a combination is just the beginning. There are seemingly infinite variations (At the high end think one-arm push-ups… now you’re talking:-). Almost all useful. It is important that you learn to “pack” the shoulder as they say nowadays: that means contract the lats so they keep the shoulder join snug during the movement. Also, keep the shoulders away from the ears, or you will be in for a list of problems that you don’t want.


“A 2013 ACE-sponsored study found that kettlebell classes led to 70% more core strength than training without them. If you prefer to forgo equipment, an April study found that the traditional crunch activated more muscle than any ab device tested.”

Two sentences that have almost nothing to do with each other – but then they did label the section “CORE AND ABS”. In the picture a guy is doing a kettlebell snatch, one of the most advanced and technically tricky moves done with kettle bells. I like simple. I like once-and-for-all solutions. And I like efficiency when it comes to working out (who has time to waste?). On all counts kettle bells are in a league all by themselves (or itself, you really only need one!!!). But kettle bells have absolutely no forgiveness for stupid (I have mentioned that before too). Now that they are popular and popping up in every gym, it’s guaranteed that the instruction level and quality of practice will be iffy at best. Again, the Hard Style Kettle bell folks will save you a fortune in doctor bills and suffering if you just go pay them to teach you how to do the moves. It’s an up front investment, just like buying the kettle bell itself (from them), that will continue to re-pay for many years to come.

As for abs… depends a little on the goal again, six-pack or functional fitness. But there is nothing wrong with crunches as a baseline starting spot, especially since there are normals established for your age and gender so you can start with a test to see where you compare, then train to make progress toward whatever goals make sense at the time (usually for my patients the goal is to get to normal without a relapse of back or neck pain). Ab training is a great place to mention an important principle that permeates any conversation about exercise: train the movement not the muscle. Muscles have functional patterns and are meant to contribute their part to neuro-musculo-skeletal actions. Every deviation away from functional integration of muscle use leads to various types of imbalances and increases in risk and misadventure down the road.


“Build thigh and back-side mass, which tends to sag as you age, with lunges (ideally done with a dumbbell in each hand). Lunges work the hamstrings and gluteus more than squats, a recent study found.”

Lunges are great. Lunges with weight are a little trickier. Posture and technique matter: if you lean forward or slouch at the upper back because you are holding onto weights, that’s no good. In the picture the guy isn’t vertical and because he is leaning forward through the trunk he has to lift his head to look straight – strike two (Neutral Spine). It isn’t possible to see from the side view whether he breaks the Knee Rule and there isn’t any mention of it: another safety consideration. I love lunges and they are among the top 5-6 exercises used to rehabilitate back pain injury patients. But they have to be done well. Infinitely better for the average un-injured person aspiring to build muscle mass, is the box squat followed by one-legged squats. Read The Naked Warrior by Pavel for the how-to on all of that (and a lot more besides).


“Men tend to be less flexible than women and carry more abdominal weight, which can strain their lower back. Support your spine with the 15-second superman.”

That might work as a start. And it’s certainly low tech. Not everyone does well with extensions though. If you’ve noticed there is more to this exercise thing than meets the eye; usually it’s more complicated than it appears – if you want to be safe and get meaningful results that is. All of that is true in spades when it comes to the back. And to train back strength it is wise to start with basic back movement patterns and make sure that they are done well before loading the back with additional stress. Why? Because whether you call it that or not, your back gets “exercise” most all day every day. So basic alignment and movement issues have to be dialed in first or you end up with all kinds of problems that you do not want. (I have written often enough about the New Year’s rash of brand new gym people who end up hurt and in doctor’s offices after a few weeks in the gym with poor instruction or none at all.)

The good news though is that if you have followed this so far and done the other exercises mentioned properly, the back is well suited to progress into some serious training. In the absence of training and equipment to do Dead Lifts, I would recommend going from Box Squats (when you can do 50 or so) to one-legged squats. Besides the Dead Lift and some Kettle Bell exercises, nothing will hit your low back harder or in a more functional way than a deep one-legged squat. I highly recommend you have a deep understanding of progressions and use the 3-5 protocol (Pavel again) and the Russian Ladder approach to get from two-legged squats (parallel) to one-legged squat all the way down. CAUTION! Once you get below parallel it isn’t possible to do a one-legged squat without violating the neutral spine rule, so be warned – it’s eccentric and it’s full range.

This article was well done and offers safe and effective strength training recommendations. My comments are meant to add to it and put the article’s recommendation’s in context. Have fun!

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