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May 9, 2018

Smokers & the Gut Microbiome

As if more reasons not to smoke were needed…


December 20, 2017

Sometimes Opposites Are Not Attractive

research worth reading…

February 22, 2016

101 Benefits of Exercise.16


(It’s a full moon tonight, so…)

Research overwhelmingly shows that regular exercise lowers the risk for many diseases, enhances the functioning of virtually every physiological system in the human body and improves psychological well-being.

16. Assists in efforts to stop smoking

(This might be a good time to think of the “industrial athlete” point of view in the prevention of job-releated injuries.) I have been focused on that here for the past five years: if you are interested search this Blog for related terms.

I will Posting a benefit every day from a list put together by Dr. Dave Phillips, M.D. He is an M.D. from Atlanta, GA who specializes in Sports Medicine. As a former All-American swimmer he knows a few things about exercise. He is also on the JuicePlus+ Health Advisory Board. He is also all over YouTube doing videos on JuicePlus+, exercise, and other health-related topics.

I hope this list of benefits of exercise is of help to you.

April 12, 2015

In Case You Need Yet Another Reason To Quit Smoking…

think small brain…

November 29, 2014

By Now You May Have Heard That Sitting Is The New Smoking… Here’s Why

A lot of numbers, a simple message – MOVE!

March 19, 2014

Would you like another great reason to quit smoking?

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It’s often enough that we think and talk about quitting bad habits because of their negative effects. Here are some positive benefits to quitting smoking that you may not have thought of.


When it comes to healthy habits and those that are less than healthy – or less healthy – there are always two ways to look at it: things we do that we might should not do; and those we don’t do that we should do. Both lists are long. You can’t do everything there is to do that is healthy. And you may not be able to avoid all the “bad” habits – like maybe work:-), but we do the best we can. Most important is to be aware and choose consciously.

April 14, 2013

Not All Smokers Get Cancer – Which Ones Don’t?

Something to think about

Something to think about

Smoking kills one third of the people who practice that habit. It’s a useful question to consider what protects those who don’t die from it. Here the article talks about a Study demonstrating the protective effects of Vitamin D.

Study: Vitamin D Pills Lower Smokers’ Cancer Risk

There will soon be a Study published on the benefits of JuicePlus+ for smokers.

This might be a good place to point out that in the practice of guiding people off the SICK path and onto the path of HEALTH, it is often a case of looking at the list of healthy habits and seeing which one(s) of those you can choose to adopt and looking at the list of unhealthy habits and seeing which one(s) of those you might be able to drop.

There are lots of reasons why none of us live a life of only healthy habits. We can only strive to improve our understanding and pursue the choices that reflect our true values to the best of our ability.

August 31, 2010

Stop Smoking

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Change Happens

One of my new patients shared with me that he quit smoking after one hypnosis session lasting and hour to an hour and a half for a fee of $400.

I thought you might want to look into it. So here is the link to Independence Group Hypnotherapy in Lynnwood – they have other locations.

In Heath,


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