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June 11, 2017

Priority #1 Video (Breathing!)

It is amazing where and from whom you learn the most important stuff: in this case it was while having my teeth cleaned.

What I like about this video is that, first, tai chi is never mentioned one time. And second, all of this wisdom and life-changing advice flows naturally in the learning and practice of… tai chi!

The last thing about this video that makes it priceless is that you are not hearing any of it from me. If you have heard it all from me in the past, perhaps this video will impress upon you the value of the information. If not, please take every word seriously – she makes one technical, little tiny, mistake, but the message is huge and everyone needs to hear it. You especially need to hear it if you plan to deliver via C-section, plan not to breast feed, or plan to feed your baby cow products… or if any of the above happened to you. (I know, you are wondering how and if all of those things are really related. They are.) Enjoy this amazingly important presentation.


March 13, 2017

Asian Women

In the past few weeks I have needed to make trips to Lynnwood to the Enagic headquarters.

Each time, in fact as I thought about it almost every time I have ever gone there, I noticed well dressed asian women coming and going from the place. They are always getting into or out of new looking, high-dollar, vehicles. They are usually with friends. And they are always happy.

I don’t know whether they have husbands who work at high level jobs in Boeing, or blow leaves off of side walks – they may not have husbands at all. It doesn’t matter. It is great to see people who do the math.

Enagic is a Japanese company. It is about water. And it is about health promotion at the deepest levels.”Change your water, change your life,” is their motto.

So it is a perfect fit. I think that is very cool!

P.S. – Our next Kangen Water demonstration is March 25th at 2 p.m. If you would like to learn more about it, give us a call.

February 2, 2015

My Notes From Last Week’s Kangen Water Demo

The corn beef and cabbage was amazing BTW!

Kangen Water Demo            ——           January 28, 2015, Shawn O’Donald’s

Google “bottled water contaminants” for citations… see the movie “Tapped”.

Bad news: Today’s water is the OPPOSITE of what water originally was like.

Oxidizing = stealing (electrons)

Anti-oxidizing = giving back energy (electrons

President was here last mo./or week… American Anti-Cancer Institute (see www.americanaci.org)

Blood effects of Kangen water – it’s all about the electrical charge… therefore you may not feel it… or it may take a while.

Blood pH – 7.365 give or take only a tiny little bit (6.9 pH and you die!) The body will steal from Peter (bones, etc.) to pay Paul (blood).

Tap water has the residue of about 60 different drugs in it, on average.

There are 75 Trillion cells in the body – they all need water to bring in nutrients and remove wastes.

CANCER: right now 1 out of 2 men; 1 out of 3 women.

Reverse Osmosis water has no minerals.

Water is the trucking system of the body.


Two ways to create alkaline water: Chemicals or electrolysis – Kangen isn’t chemicals!

There are 7 large TITANIUM plates in the SD501

October 25, 2014

Kangen Water Demonstration

These demos always move too fast, but try to stay with him and view it more than once if you need to.

September 8, 2014

Why It’s Important To Stay Hydrated

The New Gold!

The New Gold!

As you know there is a lot of focus on water and water quality here on this Blog. Well here is another good article on the effects of not drinking enough and why more might be better.

For more on water just use the search box or go here for Celebrites, here to learn about the Thyroid connection, here for a comparison to Penta water (none of the store bought alkaline waters are similar to Kangen water), water and Tai Chi, and here if you are thinking of buying a machine (none of the competitors offer a machine anything like an Enagic SD501 but this Post will help you ask all the right questions if you want to check all that out yourself.

September 1, 2014

A Whole Bunch Of Good Reasons Not To Buy Bottled Water In The First Place


On the subject of re-using plastic water bottles….

This is actually what crossed my mind recently when I saw some clever person recommending using a plastic water bottle to separate egg yolks… come on, think it through.

May 30, 2014

Kangen Water Celebrities – You Are in Good Company

September 13, 2013

The Protected Areas Program: NW Power & Conservation Council Program Amendment Deadline

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I just went to this website and recommended that they: “Keep the program as it is: No new dams!!”

If you would like to keep the rivers that are free of dams free of dams, you might want to do the same thing. Apparently SnoPUD has 18 different dams that they want to build and at least two rivers that are now listed as off limits that they want the status changed on so they can go to work.

March 9, 2013

Kangen Water Kangen Water Kangen Water Kangen Water


Kangen Water Now Available!

Online Kangen Water Demonstration

On Buying Water Ionizing Machine

The Five Types of Water Produced by the Enagic Water Ionizing Machine

More Uses For the Kangen Water

A YouTube Clip on Some of the Research

Ionized Alkaline Water Sampling – 30-Day Free Trial!

Dr. Oz on Drinking Water Contaminants

January 12, 2010

A little goes a long way!

Buttermilk Creek, Methow Valley

This came in today’s email (The emphasis is mine.):

ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued

ARS News Service
Agricultural Research Service, USDA
Kim Kaplan, (301) 504-1637, kim.kaplan@ars.usda.gov
January 12, 2010
–View this report online, plus photos and related stories, at http://www.ars.usda.gov/is/pr
–Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/ARSInformation

Mild dehydration appears to affect people’s mood as well as their motor skills. That’s one of the latest nutrition and health findings in the newest issue of the Agricultural Research Service’s Food and Nutrition Research Briefs (FNRB) and its Spanish-language edition (Informe de investigaciones de alimentos y nutrición).

View the English edition at

There is a library of books on water, and why you need more, and why you should be careful where you get it, etc.

We stopped drinking municipal water in 1980. I know, it won’t kill you and we have some of the best there is in this part of the country, no doubt. But…

In those days we distilled the water into stainless steel container. There was a lot of work involved – cleaning mostly.

These days it is much easier to get really good water very efficiently. The simpliest is the one we use in our office. The system is from Gaiam and it simply requires that you pour tap water into the top, and dispense clean water out the bottom. Period. It cost some but not much. And it aint gunna get any easier.

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