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October 13, 2014

How Much Protein Do You Need To Build Muscle?

Here the assumption is that you are training to increase lean body mass (build muscle); and that you are doing that properly, but… all else being equal, the Juice Lady has some information on protein sources and their relative contribution to a daily protein consumption goal.

She just started with a personal trainer (all the rage these days you know:-). Here are her thoughts.

As usual there are many issues that go into a decision about where, when, why and how to get your protein. We often recommend JuicePlus+ Complete because it’s plant-based (no dairy thank you, so no whey isolates, no “Isotean”, etc.), packed with all kinds of synergistic goodies (meaning it will digest and assimilate well), and provides 13 grams of protein per serving. (It’s also gluten free, vegetarian, and Kosher.)

And while many people are now using JuicePLus+ Complete in a detox, rejuvenation, and weight loss strategy (TRANSFORM 30), it will just as easily add weight (muscle) when you add the shakes to your diet without skipping the meals. These shakes can be added before and/or after the workouts or as part of regular meals.

There is a long list of negative consequences to the typical dairy-based and meat-based approaches to increasing your protein intake. Skip all of that and get something that will do the job and make you healthier as a consequence. Here we could talk about all the workout recovery issues, the energy demands on the body, and others but that’s a subject for another Post.

Order here (click on the “Buy” tab) or call (425) 348-5207 for more information.

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