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Health is Sustainability

“The greatest wealth is health.”  Virgil

Does it pay to stay healthy? You bet it does!

In the United States, nearly 80% of all illnesses are considered preventable. And these preventable illnesses represent 90% of all healthcare costs. Imagine what would happen if we took solid measures toward prevention?

Improved health would result in increased wealth.

Progressive organizations have discovered this already. They have implemented workplace wellness programs to help employees take charge of their health and well-being.

These programs may include diet and nutrition counseling, health and fitness classes, walking programs, gym memberships, smoking cessation, stress management, tai chi, yoga, meditation, flexible work schedules, etc. They can be tailored to each organization depending on need and interest.

As a result, employers have seen a whole host of benefits, including a positive impact on their bottom line.

Research suggests that for every dollar spent on employee wellness, employers see an average return of $3.48 in reduced healthcare costs and $5.82 in lowered absenteeism.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), physically active individuals incur $865 less each year in healthcare costs than inactive people.

The goal of all workplace wellness programs is sustainability of the organization.

The Natural Step’s Fourth Principle is to avoid subjecting people to conditions that undermine their capacity to meet their own needs. We know that meeting human needs is vital to creating a sustainable society, so it’s incumbent on us, as Natural Step members, to live by this principle. Workplace wellness programs do this by enhancing conditions to support employee needs and thereby support the overall health of the organization.

As such, workplace wellness is not an expense but an investment. It’s a strategy for sustainability whereby improving the human condition within an organization leads to improved performance, profitability and long-term health.

Employees who participate in workplace wellness programs experience:

Better health and fitness
Fewer injuries
Greater satisfaction with their work life
Better work performance
Improved productivity
Lower healthcare costs

Employers who offer such programs see:

Greater output
Lower absenteeism
Improved employee retention
Higher morale
Lower health insurance and disability costs

You can see why a wellness program would enhance an organization’s commitment to sustainability. Sustainability means health – of the individual, of the organization, of society at large.

It’s our duty to enhance the human condition. And it’s our reward to see its impact on the bottom line.

I’ve been health enthusiast and fitness fanatic for over 35 years. I’ve been active in sports since my youth and am passionate about hiking, backpacking, basketball, swimming, diving, weight lifting and Kettlebell training.

I’ve practiced tai chi for the past 20 years, studying in England, Scotland and Belgium. I have learned through this Taoist art all- new ways to approach and enjoy my life, health, relationships and business. And I make a point to share these insights with my clients.

As a chiropractor for nearly 25 years, I have devoted my career to my clients’ health and wellness.

I help each individual sort through the issues that impact their health so they can make strategic choices that have low downside risks and a high probability of succeeding.

Through workplace wellness programs, I am able to do this on a large scale, improving sustainability in a far more powerful way.


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