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September 2, 2014

Back To School!


Every parent should see this Post by Seth Godin.

If you haven’t seen his Stop Stealing Dreams, you should.

September 1, 2014

A Whole Bunch Of Good Reasons Not To Buy Bottled Water In The First Place


On the subject of re-using plastic water bottles….

This is actually what crossed my mind recently when I saw some clever person recommending using a plastic water bottle to separate egg yolks… come on, think it through.

August 31, 2014

Why (ordinary) Doctors Are Sick Of Their Profession – The Wall Street Journal


Helen asked me if we should put this article up on the bulletin board in the office. I will put a few excerpts below in case you don’t want to read the whole thing. What do you think? Should we put it up at the office?

“When I look at my career at midlife, I realize that in many ways I have become that doctor I never thought I’d be: impatient, occasionally indifferent, at times dismissive or paternalistic. Many of my colleagues are similarly struggling with the loss of their professional ideals.”

“In a 2008 survey of of 12,000 physicians, only 6% describes their morale as positive. Eighty-four percent said that their incomes were constant or decreasing. Most said that they didn’t have enough time to spend with patients because of paperwork, and nearly had said they planned to reduce the number of patients they would see in the next three years or stop practicing altogether.”

“I feel like a pawn in a moneymaking game for hospital administrators. There are so many other ways I could have made my living and been more fulfilled. The sad part is we chose medicine because we thought it was worthwhile and noble, but from what I have seen in my short career, it is a charade.” (emphasis mine)

“Perhaps the most serious downside however, is that unhappy doctors make for unhappy patients.”

“For many of us, it is rare to find a primary physician who can remember us from visit to visit, let alone come to low us in depth or with any meaning or relevancy.

…Insensitivity to in patient-doctor relationships has become almost normal.”

I don’t know. May be this has something to do with our office has been busier in the past eight months than in the past twenty-eight years. A steady flow of people have been showing up, happy to pay for their care, and get what they can’t get anywhere else. We thought is was Obama Care, people are certainly discovering that even though they have insurance it doesn’t mean much when it comes to taking care of their health. They are on their own for that. And for that they come in for chiropractic care. Imagine.

August 30, 2014

Some Thoughts On Coconut Oils

A recent article…

August 29, 2014

5X5, It’s In The Numbers

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Patients often ask about this. Here is one doctor’s explanation. It doesn’t get any more simple… or profound (It only takes five). If you are interested in that sort of thing.

August 27, 2014

Low Triglycerides: Key to Heart Health?


Heart health is associated with low triglycerides according to a new study.

And the best way to lower triglycerides is…diet. If that’s a challenge then Bridge The Gap.

August 26, 2014

American Flag Humor

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Worth sharing I think…


Wow, that “embed” didn’t work too well, but if you click on “Post” you’ll get there:-)

Colon Cancer, Fish and Exercise


Here is an interesting article linking the three…

And here is a link to our JuicePlus+ site where you can learn about the benefits of whole food supplements based on scientific research.

Don’t be fooled though. Sometimes a piece that starts out with a warning about something known to be toxic (and a tap water additive) turns into an Ad for…. Smart Water. (Watch a Kangen Water demo to learn where the so-called Smart waters fall in relation to other water choices.)

August 25, 2014

Parkinson’s and Pesticides


Here is an article to talks about the increased risk of getting Parkinson’s Disease with increased exposure to pesticides, especially long-term low level exposure.

For many of us it’s too late to not get exposed. Many of us grew up in Apple country and watched (and smelled) the spraying that goes on each spring and fall. Or lived on a vineyard for 19 years. Many have suffered as a result.

While, as Seth Godin says, it’s never too late to start heading in the right direction, for many of us it’s a matter of dealing with damage done.

So… what to do. Here is what I have come up with over the years to deal with toxins from the past and to deal with decreasing exposures in the present.

1. First we need to concede that we have had, do have, and will have toxic exposures. So any and all efforts at detox are in order. Search “Detox” on this Blog and you will find Posts on subjects as diverse as oil pulling, nedi pot and , of course, exercise. I think we should do it all, starting with what doesn’t cost anything and is simple, easy and convenient. Then depending on your priorities, scale up. While it’s easy enough to do the oil pulling and nedi pot, a Enagic SD501 is a commitment in both time and money (call me if you are interested at 425.348.5207.

2. Familiarizing yourself with the organs of elimination and what makes those organs healthy and happy is another good move. That may lead to all kinds of dietary, and daily habit changes to facilitate their function. From sweating to Kangen water, there is a lot that one can do to help the body in it’s natural daily cycle of detox. Simply not eating so much or as often or as early or as late will help immensely.

3. Anyone who has seen a Kangen Water demo knows how much yuk comes off a few tomatoes (oil soluble pesticides, herbicides and insecticides), and where that yuk goes if you aren’t using Kangen water to clean your fruits and vegetables. Think about that in preparing your food. Most of us got a Kangen Water machine because of the drinking water; most of us wouldn’t trade it for gold because of all the uses of the different waters it makes, and cleaning vegetables is near the top of the list.

4. Speaking of drinking water. Good water is good for you; most water is safe (you won’t get sick from it, at least not quickly enough to blame the water) but not healthy. Kangen water, above all others I know of, will assist the kidneys in their detox duties. It will also hydrate better than any water I know of.

As you think through the implications of these options think about the “cost” of not making healthy choices verses the price of the practice of healthy habits. Think of how much you save by not getting a Kangen Water machine and using tap water instead. Consider whether those popular one-a-day multi vitamins are really doing much for you in the way of detox let alone protective nutrition. Can you really trust those TV Ads? That small print that passes by too fast to read?

Just a few thoughts for you to mull over…



August 24, 2014

How To Stretch Your Hamstrings


The big muscle from the back of your knee to your butt is loose when you sit, and we generally sit a lot! A loose muscle shortens over time. That shortened muscle then becomes a problem when you try to do things other than sit, and it gets labeled “tight”. So we stretch. Here I will talk about two simple and safe ways to stretch this very commonly tight muscle – especially common in people with back pain.

The Basic Hamstring Stretch

Face something that you can put your foot up on, it can be a chair, a countertop, a couch, whatever: the height will be discussed later. Stand with both feet facing straight ahead and shoulder width apart, keep your hips level at all times as much as possible. Now put one foot on the chair, etc. in front of you – keep all the alignments already in place and keep the toes of the elevated foot straight up.

Maintain neutral spine, that is you should be standing up straight. (If you don’t know what neutral spine is search this Blog.) This is a passive stretch. Make it active by contracting your front thigh muscles (quadriceps) and you take advance of neurological reflexes that will enhance your stretch.

Now, your hamstring muscle is either tightened up by this stretch or it isn’t. You are looking for a gentle, reasonably comfortable, stretch that you can maintain for a minimum of 20 seconds, a max of a few minutes. (Recent research suggests it might be best to cycle in and out of the stretch every 6-7 seconds or so, but that isn’t a critical issue right now.)

If you need to find something a little higher to put your foot on, fine; if you need something lower, find that. Alternate the legs back and forth multiple times. And if you know how to maintain neutral spine while leaning slightly forward, you can safely do that. Always maintain the natural curve in your low back – feel it while you are standing up straight and then don’t loose it when you bend over (aka bend at the HIP).

Bonus: if you want to release joint restrictions in your hip socket, which many people unknowingly have, you can 1) turn the foot you are standing on 90° away from the elevated foot, 2) turn the elevated foot 90° in the same direction, 3) face that direction, and 4) thrust your belly button forward. One or the other hip socket may click, indicating a restriction that is now released. None of it should hurt or you might want to talk with your Chiropractic doctor about it.

An Even Simpler Alternative Stretch

Another, even slightly safer, way to stretch the hamstring actively is to lie down on your back, lift one leg straight in the air, and flex the foot and toes back toward you as you push the heel toward the ceiling.

If and when you can get your elevated leg about 90° to the other leg, your hamstrings are at the normal length. Now you will be able to bend and lift safely (if you know how), your walking and running stride will be more normal, and you have one less thing to worry about being an injury risk. Happy hamstrings are healthy hamstrings!

August 23, 2014

FMS Training Opportunities

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FMS Flyer

“This work represents a powerful paradigm shift in athlete development. Gray shows how to identify and attack limiting factors, allowing athletes to realize their potential.”

Mark Verstegen – President, Athletes’ Performance

I could not agree more. The Functional Movement Screen testing, rehabilitation and thought process are the state of the art in performance training.

Here is the link to upcoming programs for learning from the best in the Seattle area.

For anything to do with Kettlebells or the FMS Andrea and the crew at Kettlebility are the go-to folks.

August 22, 2014

From Water to Waving Hands In Clouds; Health, Healing & The Fascial Connection




An interesting article connecting concepts from Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture/acupressure) and the internal martial arts such as Tai Chi together by way of our recent revelations about the structure and function of the myo-fascial system of connecting tissue found throughout the body. It’s a good read and helps hint at the genius of developers of Tai Chi and those who master the body-mind connection inherent in the practice of any type of so-called “body work.”

Here (this Blog) I’ve talked about Exercise, Energy Medicine, and Stretching; I’ve talked about water (often) and I’ve talked about Tai chi (endlessly), and of course the role of diet and nutrition. Their importance can’t be overstated and their impacts are so broad and all-incompassing that to miss the opportunities for health and wellbeing that they offer seems a terrible shame. Today their gifts are needed as much as they ever have been – there is a lot of unnecessary sickness and suffering going on.

The point here is that these options (which I live to help make available) are all inter-related. They each affect the other: a conscious water policy isn’t just about water; doing Tai Chi isn’t just about getting exercise; and taking whole food supplements isn’t just about getting your fruits and vegetables.

In Tai Chi we teach that when you practice all aspects (Hand Form, Weapons Forms, Applications, Internal Strength and Push Hands) you benefit from the integration in ways that practicing only one or two aspects won’t give. With a full syllabus you have a complete system of exercise and self-defense, with all the attendant health benefits to numerous to even count.

And while in Chiropractic we talk about keeping things simple by addressing the Physical, Chemical and Mental/Emotional aspects as if they were separate, we know that they are not. Each is as much one as the other, but that’s a conversation much more difficult to have:-)

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