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July 3, 2020

Happy 4th of July!!! (Something to think about)

Honest Abe Knew


June 18, 2020

A Settled Issue? Not!


June 15, 2020

Azalea Hills Pens

“You know this year we’ve been married 65 years?”

I had no idea. These folks make and sell fabulous pens.

Here is their website: https://azaleahillspens.com


June 10, 2020

Squeaky Clean

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“Screen and clean” has been the mantra around here for the past few months. Here (https://doctordilday.wordpress.com/2020/03/31/keep-it-simple/) I Posted about it specifically. And there have been other Posts beginning the first of March on the subject.

Yesterday a 4-year old kid tried to walk through my front door – it was so clean he thought the door was open.

We can only do so much.

May 21, 2020

Interesting Times: The Governor’s Proclamation #20-24.1

[This went out to our patient list today. I thought it might be useful to you as well.]

This week the Governor’s Proclamation 20-24.1 reduced restrictions on health services, allowing more clinically necessary care, including more clinically necessary chiropractic care. Earlier Federal decrees indicated that Chiropractors are part of the “essential critical infrastructure workforce.” So our office has been open for business during regular hours, and patients feel comfortable coming into the office, confident that they are safe. Home ergonomics, gardening, auto accidents, job-related injuries, and a fall have all kept us feeling quite “essential” during the past couple of months.

The Governor’s newest Proclamation as well as other pronouncements from the Governor, the State Department of Health, the County Health Department, and the Mayor of the Everett included recommendations and guidelines regarding hygiene, distancing, screening and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Now, in the office, there are signs, and wipes, hand sanitizer, and (more) ‘no-touch’ wastebaskets, things that are conspicuous, and a lot that is not.

I am writing to reassure you that all of these measures, considered ‘best practices’, are routine protocols in our office. So when you call for an appointment, do not be surprised if we ask the screening questions; when you come in do not be surprised when we take your temperature; you probably won’t get any hugs or handshakes (smile – I know, you do not usually get a hug:-); PPE will be apparent, and we’ll be standing further apart than usual.

Like I teach the tai chi students, all the awareness and skills training, as well as the weapons (PPE) training, is to put you in a place of calm and confidence – even if surrounded by chaos. Safety. Security. Self-defense. It is all a spectrum. Feel free to call if you have questions or want to make an appointment: (425) 348-5207.

In health,


P.S. – And for more on these “interesting times” see prior Blog Posts beginning March 1st. There are more than a dozen that are germane (well, and a thousand others that might also be:-)

May 18, 2020

The Creepy Line – Sir Arthur C. Clark

This past weekend I watched “The Creepy Line” about the evil influence of Google and Facebook (and others, but these are the big two).

It starts with this quote from Sir Arthur C. Clark:

Before you become too entranced with gorgeous gadgets and mesmerizing video displays, let me remind you that information is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom, and wisdom is not foresight. Each grows out of the other, and we need them all.

Information, knowledge, wisdom and foresight. Important distinctions.

Here are a few more of his quotes to ponder:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.
Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.


May 10, 2020

Sick and Sad or Happy and Healthy: COVID Epigenetics

We are now flooded with all manner of information on infectious disease – especially you know what. Here is an article where many of the main dots are connected that matter:https://www.bluezones.com/2020/05/why-covid-19-hits-some-people-and-places-differently/?utm_source=BLUE+ZONES+Newsletter&utm_campaign=8fead96053-MAY-2020-2&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_9642311849-8fead96053-198896425&mc_cid=8fead96053&mc_eid=0d9ed4d239

It isn’t useful to just pass on terrible news. This just perpetuates negativity. This article offers information that you can use. You can look at where your choices have either helped or hurt you chances of survival and thriving. And you can look at what it might take to line up on the side of healthy. Largely, we get to choose sick and sad or happy and healthy.

May 5, 2020

The Activator Method

“Scientific” Standards

Now that everyone is an authority, and everyone believes that their logic and rational is “scientific” and reasonable (acting or recommending – think Policy pronouncements – based on the best available “science” and out of an “abundance of caution”), we should all be that much more careful who we actually trust. More often than not we are confronted with the limitations of science.

Unfortunately, the more you dial down the scientific microscope on a subject or issue, the less its claims hold up to scrutiny: witness the mask-or-no-mask debate that currently rages. Here one element of the international chiropractic “scientific” community takes issue with statements put out by another element within the profession – they do include a link to authoritative recommendations on mask wearing too, by the way.

Critical thinking is critical; having a good idea what a scientific thought process would look like is essential; and recognizing a logical fallacy when it is offered is just as necessary. Put all of that together with good quality, objective, science and you have the ability to make really well informed decisions about personal choices and about policy. This convergence is rarely seen, however, and when has personal choice and policy not been influenced heavily by politics and profit motives among the vocal proponents? And when have we, or they for that matter, not gotten emotional about it?

In the end you have to decide what you will believe and what you will do – in the absence of scientific certainty. Here we are usually talking about what promotes health – usually beginning with what provides relief from back, neck and headache pain. We offer what evidence we come across, both about what does not work, and what does work as far as we can tell. In this country you do not have to believe it. And you can choose whatever you like. But who can you trust? And how far? When the limits of science have been exhausted, we should face up to that; then make the best decision we know how to at the time.

April 29, 2020

What Prevention Looks Like

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Here is an article about taking vitamins C and D. The recommendations are made because people just do not eat the necessary healthy foods to develop and maintain healthy immune systems. In the article they make the point that people without symptoms will not really notice that they have a compromised immune system… until they suffer the effects and are sick.

Just because you feel reasonably decent most of the time does not mean that you are healthy and can resist an infection. Prevention is striving to promote health precisely so that you will not be sick. You have to get the nutrients your body needs into your body to do that. This Post will deal only with the nutrients part of the equation, not exercise or other lifestyle elements.

Currently the recommendations are 7-10 servings per day of fruits and vegetables. Assuming you know that ketchup is not a serving of vegetables, I won’t get into all of the assumptions regarding what are healthy food servings, or servings of healthy foods (the local, seasonal, organic, non-GMO, unprocessed or properly processed, and properly prepared issues). When was the last time you had five servings of fruits in a a day? How about 5 servings of vegetables in a day? It is difficult under the best of circumstances.

But what you can do is try; and you can cheat. Trying is just trying. There are whole foods around. They are not that expensive. And they are not that hard to prepare and eat. Just a little work – a price paid for a result that is worth it. Start with the Mediterranean Diet, and Blue Zones lifestyle recommendations: you can not go wrong there (and there is plenty of Posts on these subjects here on this Blog). Cheating means knowing where to get whole food, in supplement form, that has been processed in such a way that the nutrients are available to the body. Supplements must also be sourced and processed in such a way that third party certifications can verify that you get what you want and not what you do not want. You can find supplements that fit that bill here. You can order online (maintaining your social distancing). These products give you 7 fruits, 8 vegetables, 9 berries, as well as plant-based protein that amounts to more than the equivalent of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. That is a great start in preventing illness. But do not take my word for it. If preventing disease is about promoting health, what does health look like? If you are going to pay the price for the product, know what the result of taking it is going to be. You can only do that if there is real research. That is what prevention looks like!


April 24, 2020

A Question of Numbers

We are all being asked to trust numbers: numbers tested, tests positive verses negative, cases confirmed, recovered number, and numbers of terminal cases. I think we should be less focused on numbers (that can not be trusted anyway), and pay more attention to the principles.

Here are a bunch of numbers regarding the Spanish Flu and chiropractic care. From what I can tell, no one would consider it scientific – and not just because of its age. But then anyone who looks would consider little done in health care at that time scientific, but that is another story.

What I think is important is to realize that while, nowadays, it is much more common for people to say wonderful things about chiropractic because of the results that they got with back pain, neck pain or headaches, in the past it was different. In the past sick people became desperate for results, got what help they could from modern mainstream medicine, and then went to see a chiropractor – and sometimes they got good results, so chiropractic got the credit.

Behind all of this is the big picture: some bugs (and non-bug viruses, of course) are bad, very bad. They might kill you. And… it is ALWAYS better to be in adjustment and fully functional – especially when the body is fighting a bug battle. It is a matter of risk factors (being subluxated is a risk factor for ill health by whatever description) and resistance. Decreasing risk factors will support an increase in resistance.

And thinking people do understand this: what are the primary recommendations for dealing with the current crisis: all of the same health-generating recommendations we are always giving, for the same reason – it promotes HEALTH (our speciality!). And, of course, tune up your hygeine and sanitation practices, keep your distance, etc.

Whether it is breathing, bracing, bending and lifting, or diet and nutrition, chiropractic adjustments, and exercise, we do what we do to promote health and wellness. It is useful when you are well; it is even more useful when you are sick.



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