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September 23, 2021

Greenwald: New evidence suggests CIA, media and Big Tech worked to cover up Biden missing laptop story

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We’ve always been aware that the Hunter Biden laptop story was buried deep in the weeks leading up to last year’s presidential election.

Originally, it was believed that it was a collaboration between the big tech tyrants and the mainstream media only.

Now, journalist Glenn Greenwald reports there is proof that it was a combination of the above two entities, plus the CIA that buried the story, or rather attempted to foment a false narrative.

Greenwald, writing in Substack tells much of what was already known.

For example, the tale of censorship where Big Tech conspired to silence upstart social media company Parler, which became an alternative for conservative-leaning Americans and where right-leaning narratives (or basically the truth) were welcome.

At the time it was banned by Google Play, the Apple app store and finally by Amazon Web Services, Parler was the most downloaded app in the U.S.

Not only that, but we also saw two of the largest social media companies—Twitter and Facebook—conspire to silence Donald Trump, then a sitting president.

And finally, Democrats threatened in rather explicit terms to issue legal and/or regulatory action if those tech companies didn’t play along and censor narratives which went against their narrative.

However as Greenwald notes, the most egregious of all actions taken was an apparent collaboration between the CIA, the tech tyrants, the liberal wing of mainstream media (honestly, is there any other wing?) and the Democrat party to “censor and suppress a series of major reports” about Democrat Joe Biden.

Cue the Hunter Biden laptop story. Over two days in October, the 14th and 15th, the New York Post published what at one time would have been considered blockbuster reports on Biden’s activities in Ukraine and China, incidents which should have raised questions among the mainstream media “about his integrity and ethics,” Greenwald wrote.

As the nation’s oldest newspapers, one might have thought the Post’s reporting may have raised some concerns about whether or not Biden and his family were engaged in malfeasance—a bit of quid pro quo—where they were trading off Biden’s name and influence in order to enrich themselves.

The outlet reported the documents they reviewed came from Hunter Biden’s laptop, abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop.

The Post’s information seemed unimpeachable. Among items posted were photos which were clearly of Hunter Biden that were taken from the laptop.

Greenwald noted that concurrent investigations from media found individuals who had received the emails in real-time, which were compared to those in their possession to the ones held by the Post. The emails were an exact match, word-for-word.

A former business associate of Hunter Biden’s, Tony Bobulinski who was involved in a number of the alleged deals with him confirmed publicly and in interviews that those emails were in fact genuine.

He also confirmed one of the deals which referenced Joe Biden, a deal which involved China. According to a forensics analyst, he concluded the archive “had all the earmarks of authenticity.”

In addition, neither Joe nor Hunter Biden denied the emails were real, which they certainly would have done if they were fake.

Greenwald noted that “as someone who has reported on numerous large archives similar to this one and was faced with the heavy burden on numerous large archives similar to this one and was faced with the heavy burden of ensuring the documents were genuine before risking one’s career and reputation by reporting them, it was clear early on that all the key metrics demonstrated that these documents were real.” [emphasis in original]

Former Obama national security hacks and anti-Trumpers such as John Brennan, Obama’s CIA director and former Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper came up with a new tactic—blaming the information contained on the laptop as “Russian disinformation.”

That narrative contains a couple of assumptions, Greenwald notes. First that the documents came from Russia, and second, they are fake (“disinformation”).

Both of those officials actually admitted in the public statement that, “we do not know if the emails are genuine or not,” and also that “we do not have evidence of Russian involvement.” Yet despite that, they still repeatedly (probably to convince themselves) said that everyone should believe:

We want to emphasize that we do not know if the emails, provided to the New York Post by President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, are genuine or not and that we do not have evidence of Russian involvement—just our experience makes us deeply suspicious that the Russian government played a significant role in this case. [emphasis in original]

If we are right, this is Russia trying to influence how Americans vote in this election, and we believe strongly that Americans need to be aware of this.

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LET Unity

As Greenwald notes, despite zero…none…nada…evidence for the Russian disinformation claims, which even Clapper and Brennan admitted they did not possess, it didn’t stop the mainstream media or the social media tech tyrants from repeating this assertion ad nauseum.

Greenwald noted one of the first “journalists” to spread the lie was a woman named Natasha Bertrand who was then with Politico. Her “stellar” journalism since had her a “promotion” to CNN. Bertrand’s headline proudly claimed, “Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say.”

After Bertrand’s story, Greenwald notes, outlets from CNN to NBC News to PBS, and a number of others started to trip over each other spreading the false narrative put forth by Clapper and Brennan, repeating the lie that the Post’s documents were the result of Russian disinformation.

Apparently feeling left out, one week after the first report surfaced from the Post, The Intercept published their own false story, breathlessly reporting under the headline “We’re Not a Democracy” by former New York Times reporter James Risen.

Risen’s piece is a treasure trove of falsehoods and Trump Delusion Syndrome disguised as “journalism,” in which he, as Greenwald noted, “mindlessly laundered the CIA’s lies about the laptop.” That report said:

Their latest falsehood once again involves Biden, Ukraine, and a laptop mysteriously discovered in a computer repair shop and passed to the New York Post…This week, a group of former intelligence officials issued a letter saying that the Giuliani laptop story has the classic trademarks of Russian disinformation.[emphasis in original]

So biased was The Intercept’s report that it actually omitted Clapper and Brennan’s admission that they had no evidence of Russian disinformation. B

y way of transparency, Greenwald noted that he had been one of the cofounders of The Intercept as a publication that was supposed to be “adversarial, not subservient to evidence-free assertions from the intelligence community,” and which he said was created as “an antidote to, rather than a clone of The New York Times.

Greenwald authored an article at the time about the Biden archive which The Intercept refused to publish, claiming it didn’t meet their “lofty and rigorous editorial standards: the same lofty and rigorous editorial standards that led to uncritical endorsement of the CIA’s lies just days earlier.”

That decision eventually led to Greenwald’s resignation and departure from The Intercept.

The only disinformation which was occurring—the media disinformation—wasn’t the worst thing that happened in order to protect Joe Biden in the lead up to the election. Greenwald noted that social media suppression of the laptop story was by far the most egregious thing that happened.

As was widely reported at the time, Twitter engaged in a suppression campaign designed “to prohibit any discussion of this reporting or posting of links to the story both publicly and privately on the platform.”

In addition, Greenwald noted, Facebook made the decision through its communications executive, a man named Andy Stone, “a life-long Democratic Party operative,” that the tech tyrant “would algorithmically suppress the story pending a ‘fact check’ by ‘Facebook’s third-party fact-check partners.’”

Greenwald noted that he made multiple requests to Facebook, along with other journalists for the results of their “fact checks” and has still refused to confirm that one was in fact ever conducted. The reason, Greenwald posits, is “because the documents they blocked millions of Americans from learning about were clearly true and authentic.”

This was basically a fool’s errand on behalf of Facebook because as Greenwald notes there was “ample proof from the start that these documents were genuine,” while the only disinformation that was occurring was occurring between “this axis of the CIA, corporate media and Big Tech.”

All of the malfeasance was uncovered this past week from an unlikely source…Politico.

Greenwald noted that a reporter from Politico, Ben Schreckinger has published a new book titled “The Bidens: Inside the First Family’s Fifty-Year Rise to Power.”  In his research for the book, Schreckinger spent time looking at key documents published last October by the Post and “found definitive proof that these emails and related documents are indisputably authentic.”

And, while Politico was the first news organization to publish Brennan and Clapper’s tale of “Russian disinformation,” however this week summarized Shreckinger’s reporting as follows:

“…the book ‘finds evidence that some of the purported Hunter Biden laptop material is genuine, including two emails at the center of last October’s controversy.’” Of course Politico didn’t include the fact that they had helped perpetrate the “Russian disinformation” hoax to begin with.

Schreckinger talked about his work and how he was able to obtain proof:

“A person who corresponded with Hunter in late 2018 confirmed to me the authenticity of an email in the cache. Another person who corresponded with Hunter in January 2019 confirmed the authenticity of a different email exchange with Hunter in the cache. Both of these people spoke on the condition of anonymity, citing fears of being embroiled in a global controversy.

“A third person who had independent access to Hunter’s emails confirmed to me that the emails published by the New York Post related to Burisma and the CEFC [China Energy] venture matched the substance of emails Hunter had in fact received. (This person was not in a position to compare the published emails word-for-word to the originals.)

“The National Property Board of Sweden, part of the Swedish Finance Ministry, has released correspondence between Hunter and House of Sweden employees to ne and to a Swedish newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, under the country’s freedom of information law. Emails released by the property board match emails in the cache.

In light of what Greenwald was able to uncover—“widespread media deceit toward millions of American voters in the weeks before a presidential election based on a CIA lie, along with brute censorship of the story by Big Tech—and given that so much of what was done here too place on television,” he produced a video of the scandal in what he calls “the definitive video report of this scandal.”

 Greenwald has posted the video on his Rumble page. It may also be found below.New Proof Emerges About the Hunter Biden Laptop: a Definitive Account of the CIA/Media Fraud

Greenwald is apoplectic about the malfeasance put forth by social media, the mainstream news media and the CIA to “shape the outcome of what was a close election,” as we all should be, through the use of “massive lies and disinformation, using censorship and other manipulative techniques.” We are now all paying a steep price for the manipulation committed to sway last November’s election.

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September 22, 2021

Obama pulling the strings? Fmr. defense secretary apparently had knowledge of Milley’s call to Chinese general

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WASHINGTON, DC- There have been more than a few suspicions that someone is pulling Joe Biden’s puppet strings.

The fact that he has loaded his administration with lackeys from the Obama years has led some credence to those beliefs, with many people believing it is actually Barry Sotero, aka Obama controlling the puppet strings.

A new revelation about attempts to undermine former President Trump may amp up those theories.

National File reports that former Obama administration Defense Secretary and CIA Director Leon Panetta may have mistakenly given up the gig that he was involved in part with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley’s back-channel calls to a Chinese general, done without the knowledge of either Trump or his Acting Defense Director Christopher Miller.

In a Twitter post on The Hill, Panetta admitted that Milley had made secret calls to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), saying the first call was “pursuant to the approval of [Defense] Secretary [Mark] Esper,” and added the second call was made because “President [Trump] was appointing political people to key positions at the Defense Department.”

It was then that Panetta apparently made a faux pas, seeming to admit that he, as a private citizen was involved with the secret calls, noting, “…we were concerned about what the President might do.” [emphasis added]

Panetta’s statement confirms that Esper had been involved with at least one of the unauthorized calls to the CCP and lends credence to National File’s previous reporting on how many people in the Trump administration knew of Milley’s apparent treason in attempting to undermine a sitting president.

Fox News was told that both Miller and Esper were aware of and had “full knowledge” of Milley’s calls, along with “about 15 other people.” Miller vehemently denied that report, saying that he “did not and would not ever authorize” such calls without the president’s knowledge and consent.

The fact that Panetta was apparently involved in at least one of the calls leads one to wonder exactly how man former government officials, in particular those involved in the Obama administration, knew about the calls made by Milley, which a number of people have referred to as “treason” against the United States.

Some have called Milley’s actions an “unprecedented” abuse of his office as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Milley has thus far defended his actions, whereby he told a Chinese general that he would forewarn our fiercest rival if then-President Trump decided to engage in military action, thus putting U.S. military personnel in danger. Milley says his actions were “perfectly” in line with his duties.

Meanwhile, House Republicans have written to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, demanding Milley be subject to an AR 15-6 investigation for his “outright treason.” A copy of that letter was obtained by The Daily Caller.

In the letter, lawmakers requested the investigation after Milley “blatantly disregarded the concept of civilian control of the military, and gave aid and comfort to America’s principal adversary, the Chinese Communist Party.”

“Gen Milley allegedly took great pains to assure his Chinese counterpart, General Li Zuocheng, that U.S. military exercises in the South China Sea would not precipitate an armed conflict. Allegedly, on a phone call with General Li on 30 October 2020, GEN Milley deliberately undermined the sovereign interests of our nation,” the letter reads.

The letter continues that Milley made a second phone call on January 8, 2021 to discuss “concerns of an armed conflict,” then reportedly called the Indo-Pacific Commander, instructing him to “call off all military exercises in the South China Sea, following up by assembling senior officers and mandating that any order to launch a nuclear weapon must include GEN Milley’s involvement,” a direct contradiction to U.S. policy and chain of command.

“He allegedly then asked all officers present to affirm their understanding of his order—hence establishing a parallel chain of command—with respect to the nuclear launch codes,” the letter continued. “To conspire with a communist, malfeasant, hostile and genocidal government regarding our intentions—or lack thereof—with utter disregard to the implications of said ‘promise’ on our national security or our Service Members, is nothing short of craven (at best) and treasonous.”

The letter continued, addressing Milley’s alleged secret phone call with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) regarding the securing of nuclear launch codes, noting that “the General’s previous behavior on this subject indicates the House of Representatives must learn more about the conversation(s) between GN Milley and Speaker Pelosi to determine whether the general attempted to make a partisan issue of National security.”

They then asked Austin to “investigate whether the phone calls between GEN Milley and General Li occurred, as well as the phone calls between GEN Milley and Speaker Pelosi, and the content thereof.”

The letter was signed by a number of House Republicans, including among others Lauren Boebert (R-CO), Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA), Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Louis Gohmert (R-TX), Chip Roy (R-TX), Andy Biggs (R-AZ), and Mo Brooks (R-AL).  

How Coercive Governments Do It – Take Notes

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Beijing Unleashes Sweeping Bid to Remold Society

From tech to entertainment to private tutoring, few sectors have been left untouched in the regime’s campaign to tighten controlBY EVA FU  September 21, 2021 Updated: September 22, 2021biggersmallerPrint

China’s tech behemoths are handing months of profits to the regime in Beijing to demonstrate loyalty to the Communist Party. Popular actors have been erased from internet history with their devoted online fan groups disbanded. Young gamers now are allowed no more than three hours of playtime per week.

Across Chinese classrooms, 147,000 newly minted inspectors have been deployed to oversee the national dissemination of the ideology of China’s top leader, Xi Jinping.

Be it e-commerce, entertainment, education, or gaming, few areas of Chinese society have been left unscathed amid Beijing’s torrent of regulatory activity in recent months. As authorities clamped down on the offending actors, stock markets tumbled with hundreds of billions wiped out, while companies and individuals have scrambled to assess the new rules, lest they tread on the regime’s toes.

The cascading crackdowns have been swift and puzzling, with some likening the Party’s attempts at social engineering to that which occurred during the Cultural Revolution, a decade-long period from 1966 when the regime’s first helmsman, Mao Zedong, sought to reassert his control within the Party by launching a mass campaign to destroy traditions, beliefs, and social mores.

A “profound revolution” is underway in China, declares nationalist essayist Li Guangman, a former editor for an obscure state newspaper. In a recent commentary quickly promoted on prominent Chinese state media websites, he hailed the regime’s campaign as a “return to the original intent of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) … and the essence of socialism,” and offered up two potential targets: housing and medicare.

Epoch Times Photo
Journalists walk past a screen showing video footage of Chinese President Xi Jinping, during a visit to the Museum of the Communist Party of China, near the Birds Nest national stadium in Beijing on June 25, 2021. (Noel Celis/AFP via Getty Images)

As with past measures, the Chinese regime has framed the series of actions as necessary for the public good. But the pace of the activity has been dizzying, with a thoroughness unseen in China’s recent memory.

It looks like the “opening days” of a cultural revolution, said June Teufel Dreyer, a political science professor at the University of Miami.

To Robert Atkinson, economist and founder of Washington-based think tank Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, some of the measures mark the latest efforts by Beijing to curb freedom of expression. He cited the ban on “effeminate actors” and gaming restrictions as examples.

“You get the sense that what Xi is saying is, ‘No, we don’t want a society that’s individualistic. Your job as a Chinese citizen is to support and follow the state,’” Atkinson told The Epoch Times.

“The goal of Chinese society is not to make people happy, it’s to make the state powerful,” he said.

Total Control

The “straw that broke the camel’s back” goes back to last October, according to Dreyer, when internet giant Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma made a blunt speech criticizing China’s regulatory system. For his outspokenness, the entrepreneur went missing for three months. Overnight, regulators pulled the plug on what was meant to be the world’s largest initial public offering by Ant Group, Alibaba’s sister fintech firm.

The regime is “trying to prevent wealthy, vested interests like Jack Ma from … winding into the political decision-making process,” Dreyer said.

Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba
Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba, speaks during his visit at the Vivatech startups and innovation fair in Paris, on May 16, 2019. (Philippe Lopez/AFP via Getty Images)

The punishment of Ma appears to be the lightning rod that set off a sweeping overhaul engulfing virtually all facets of society. Since then, regulators have pulled apps for alleged data transfer violations, shunned “misbehaving” celebrities, disciplined thousands of “self media” accounts for “badmouthing the financial market,” and barred paid private tutoring on core school subjects.

“It’s about sending a message that says to the capitalist class that … you as a businessperson are under the thumb of the state,” Atkinson said.

Paralleling the moves is Beijing’s renewed emphasis on “common prosperity,” a slogan the Party has touted since its early days as the end goal of socialism.

Xi’s recent pledges include redistributing wealth to close the yawning income gap—likely to drum up popular support as he mounts his bid for an unprecedented third five-year term late next year.

The targeted sectors have been racing to align with the Party’s decrees. Dozens of actors have signed statements supporting Beijing’s campaign. The embattled Alibaba on Sept. 3 vowed to spend 100 billion yuan ($15.5 billion) by 2025 in support of the common prosperity drive.

The logo of China’s pioneering digital payments firm Alipay on the office block of its parent company Ant Group in Shanghai on Nov. 4, 2020. (Hector Retamal/AFP via Getty Images)

‘Rejuvenation’ Chase 

Behind the avalanche of changes is Xi’s vision for a grand national “rejuvenation,” a term he invoked more than two dozen times as he spoke from the balcony atop Beijing’s Tiananmen Square on July 1 to mark the CCP’s 100th birthday.

But the rejuvenation campaign has hit some domestic roadblocks.

China’s workforce has been shrinking for years, in part due to the decades-long birth policy allowing each household to have one child only. Even as Beijing moved to a two-child limit in 2016, the costs of raising children in urban China have deterred would-be parents. China, now encouraging a third child, has called off tests for first- and second-graders and banned for-profit tutoring firms, blaming them for adding a financial toll on families. Hotlines have been set up to catch violators.

Such measures haven’t necessarily been embraced by Chinese parents, who are known for expending large amounts of time and money on their child’s education to ready them for the hyper-competitive university entrance exams.

“This is the system’s flaw, and students and parents shouldn’t be asked to bear the consequences,” Amy Ma (a pseudonym), a primary school teacher in central China’s Hubei Province who has taught for 30 years, told The Epoch Times, adding that the education policies would do little to ease parents’ anxiety about their child’s future.

For most Chinese families, the education system is “the last chance to change their children’s fate” when “the Party has monopolized all resources in society,” she said.

To boost their academic performance, Chinese kids would now have to turn to in-home tutors, Richard Zhang (a pseudonym), a division chief for a city-level education bureau, told The Epoch Times. With the tutor pool slashed as a result of the new regulations, the cost of such services could become prohibitive, he said. Thus, ultimately, it may only be rich families who can give their children a competitive edge.

China beijing vaccination
A woman wears a protective mask as she sits in front of a sign promoting a local government COVID-19 vaccination center in Beijing on May 23, 2021. (Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

A lack of enthusiasm from Chinese millennials also is hindering the regime’s prosperity drive. A new counterculture movement called “tangping,” or lying flat and doing nothing, is catching on with young people, who are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the exacting demands of professional and social life.

Labeled as “disgraceful” by Chinese state media—while praised as a silent form of resistance by some others—the “lying flat” approach to life adopted by many young Chinese is the exact opposite of what Xi needs to back Beijing’s ambition, Dreyer said.

“He wants to see a highly competitive society in which everyone works hard and therefore the Chinese country nation is able to eclipse the United States,” she said. “He’s not going to get it if people are going to lie flat.”

Economic Woes

A pressing cash problem is also forcing Beijing to turn on the rich, according to Antonio Graceffo, an analyst of China’s economy and Epoch Times contributor who has spent more than two decades in Asia.

The highly contagious Delta variant of COVID-19—which spread to half of China in August—has continued to challenge Beijing’s costly strategy of shutting down cities and quarantining every positive case, which has disrupted travel and dented tourism, a once booming industry contributing to roughly a tenth of China’s economy in 2019.

China factory
A worker makes an iron bar at a steel factory in Lianyungang, in China’s Jiangsu Province, on Feb. 12, 2021. (AFP via Getty Images)

Sales growth and factory output in August both hit a one-year low as authorities toughened social restrictions to curb surging virus outbreaks. China’s overall debt meanwhile grew to about 270 percent of its GDP in 2020, a jump by about 30 percent over one year.

Monthly data from August showed that one in every seven young urban workers—those aged 16 to 24—have failed to find employment. The move against the private tutoring industry has put some $140 billion at stake and triggered waves of layoffs.

Such signs suggest “the brink of an economic crisis,” Graceffo told The Epoch Times. “The money has to come from somewhere.

“I think that Xi Jinping is reaching for anything to make money.”

Attempts to stimulate growth will be further frustrated by the CCP’s practice of embedding Party branches in companies, which puts another strain on economic freedom.

“They’re not going to be making decisions based on profitability—they are making decisions based on government leaders and giving them to the Party,” he said.


Alongside such domestic challenges, the regime is facing strong headwinds from the West.

In the past year, Beijing has aggressively pushed back as Western criticism rises over the regime’s human rights record, militarism, the lack of transparency on COVID-19 origins, and its consistent efforts to cast the blame on the outside world.

Clad in a gray Maoist suit during the Party’s centennial, Xi warned that foreign forces would figuratively get their “heads bashed” if they dared to bully China.

The regime’s recent policies give off a sense of growing wariness toward Western influence.

Gone are English-language tests from Shanghai’s primary schools; in is a new course on Xi Jinping Thought—mandated from grade school through college nationwide.

Epoch Times Photo
Chinese schoolchildren attend class at the Shiniuzhai Puan Center Primary School in Pingjiang County in China’s Hunan Province, on the first day back to school after the national holidays, on Oct. 8, 2015. (Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images)

Beijing is setting up a third stock market that some analysts read as a move to financially decouple with the West. A new data law, applying to Chinese and foreign companies alike, expressly prohibits the transfer of domestic data into foreign hands and threatens to retaliate against any country using “discriminatory” measures with respect to data.

Social media channels have been purged for “reposting overseas reporting or commentary that carry distorted interpretation of China’s financial trends.”

“You don’t want people thinking about anything except the Party and how to serve the state,” Graceffo said.

According to Dreyer, the regime has decided to make a “trade-off”: Cutting English studies and private tutoring could throw millions out of work, but it also means students have more time to study Party ideology.

“Less English instruction, more indoctrination, in the long run is what China needs,” she said.

But given China’s share of global trade—nearly 15 percent in 2020, and third only to the European Union and the United States—keeping out Western influence entirely may be impossible, Dreyer said.

“You can’t divorce the technology completely from the society that produced it,” she said.

“He’s simply trying to resist,” Dreyer said, referring to Xi. “The future is not preordained, it never is.”Eva Fu Eva FuCHINA REPORTERFollowEva Fu is a New York-based writer for The Epoch Times focusing on U.S.-China, religious freedom, and human rights. EvaSailEast

Keeping Track

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Be Wary, Very Wary

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Remdesivir Reduced Risk of Hospitalization When Given to COVID-19 Patients Early: Study

BY ZACHARY STIEBER  September 22, 2021 Updated: September 22, 2021biggersmallerPrint

The antiviral remdesivir treatment reduced the risk of hospitalization among COVID-19 patients when administered soon after they were diagnosed, according to a new study.

Researchers found that remdesivir cut hospitalization risk by 87 percent compared to a placebo that half of the study participants received.

Some 562 patients, all deemed at high-risk from COVID-19, were enrolled in the trial.

Gilead Sciences, which conducted the Phase 3 randomized, double-blind trial, stopped enrollment in April because the company struggled to find enough participants. But it continued to follow those who had enrolled, half of whom were given a placebo.

Participants received the antiviral through IV on three consecutive days on non-hospitalized patients. That’s impractical for people outside of hospitals, some experts say.

Monoclonal antibodies are designed to prevent hospitalization and only require a single dose, making them the preferred treatment, Chandy John Lab, professor of pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine, said in a social media post.

Remdesivir, also known as Venklury, is already approved by U.S. drug regulators for use against COVID-19 but the approval is only for patients who are already hospitalized. Gilead hopes its drug can help prevent hospitalizations, in line with the monoclonals, which are in such high demand that the Biden administration has rationed them.

The study also showed a similar safety profile to the placebo and no deaths occurred in either group by the primary endpoint at Day 28, though one person who was given the placebo died at Day 59.

“These latest data show remdesivir’s potential to help high-risk patients recover before they get sicker and stay out of the hospital altogether,” Dr. Robert Gottlieb, a cardiologist at Baylor University Medical Center and Baylor Scott & White Research Institute, said in a statement released by the company.

Gilead plans to share the findings with the Food and Drug Administration.

Remdesivir has been touted by top U.S. officials in the past, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, and early studies indicated it’s effective in reducing hospitalization when given to COVID-19 patients. But other research has suggested it has no benefit, including a trial across 48 sites in Europe.

“No clinical benefit was observed from the use of remdesivir in patients who were admitted to hospital for COVID-19, were symptomatic for more than 7 days, and required oxygen support,” researchers wrote in The Lancet last week.

Gilead plans to present the full trial results at IDWeek, a medical conference, this week.Zachary Stieber Zachary StieberREPORTERFollowZachary Stieber covers U.S. news, including politics and court cases. He started at The Epoch Times as a New York City metro reporter.zackstieberzackstieber

September 21, 2021

The Problem is That They Don’t Have to Answer These Questions, and They Won’t

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Here’s the list of questions Biden and his “team” need to answer about why they murdered innocent civilians

Posted by: Pat Droney| |CategoriesEditorialFeaturedMust ReadsShare: 

The following contains editorial content which represents the views of the writer.

WASHINGTON, DC- On August 29, the State Department and Pentagon breathlessly announced that a so-called “ISIS planner” had been killed in a drone strike in Kabul, Afghanistan.

This was a clear, transparent attempt to fool the American people into thinking the Biden administration wasn’t going to be pushed around by terrorists in that  country after our ill-fated exit.

Now we are learning it wasn’t two terrorists who were killed, but ten civilians, including seven children. If ever there was an incident to fuel more hatred for the U.S., this is it.

Breitbart reported that last Friday, CENTCOM commander Gen. Frank McKenzie issued an apology after an investigation revealed the sad truth of what took place in this regrettable drone strike. McKenzie acknowledged that Zemari Ahmadi, along with nine other civilians were killed in the attack, not so-called ISIS-K terrorists.

Despite the clear incompetence of our exit from Afghanistan, not one person who was involved has either been fired nor resigned. McKenzie is the first person to accept any kind of blame for anything to do with America’s sad exit from the 20-year Afghan engagement.

Still, McKenzie didn’t resign even after admitting fault.

Instead, even though offering a tepid apology for what he called a “tragic mistake,” McKenzie tried to equivocate, saying that the Pentagon believes it was “legal” under international law due to the circumstances.

McKenzie explained that the military had received intelligence that a “white Toyota Corolla, which is a common automobile even in Afghanistan, would engage in some type of attack. He said the military had no idea who was allegedly driving the vehicle. In other words, the Pentagon authorized a strike against a civilian without knowing who they were targeting. 

Breitbart explained possible circumstances last week:

“International law permits the use of such targeted killings, under restricted circumstances. The target must be an enemy combatant; the target generally must pose an imminent or ongoing threat; and the attack must minimize the risk to non-combatants.”

While cases of mistaken identity or other mistakes, Breitbart noted, do not in and of themselves constitute violations of international law, negligent strikes or improperly motivated ones could possibly lead to legal consequences.

Had this strike occurred under the Trump administration Pelosi would have already had articles of impeachment drawn up and ready. At the very least, Democrats would be leading the charge to fire somebody. In this case, all we’ve heard is the sound of crickets.

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The U.S., under international law is required to investigate a case such as this which seems to be a clear violation of such law. The Pentagon (based on what McKenzie said) thinks they have fulfilled their obligations to do so. However, as Breitbart notes there are a number of questions that remain to be answered. They are:

  1. What was Joe Biden’s involvement in authorizing the strike? White House propaganda minister Jen Psaki noted on Aug 30 that Biden has delegated authority to military commanders, however received regular briefings. If so, was he aware this strike was going to be conducted and did he give his consent to proceed with it?
  2. As noted above, was this merely a political response in order to fool the American people into believing the administration was actually doing something aside from surrendering over $80 billion of sophisticated military equipment to the Taliban?
  3. Notably, why would the military launch a strike against an unknown person without any compelling evidence of an imminent threat? Remember when Trump had Soleimani taken out? Democrats, led by the useless Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) had a meltdown, alleging it was a violation of international law. Why the silence in this case? As McKenzie himself noted, the Pentagon had no awareness of the identity of the people inside the vehicle.
  4. Was this a case of bad intelligence fed to the U.S. and acted upon without confirmation? As Breitbart noted, there “has long been suspicion that different groups in Afghanistan feed false information to the U.S. to take out their rivals.” Was that the case here?
  5. While McKenzie said he accepted “full responsibility” for what happened, what exactly does that mean? If McKenzie truly accepted “full responsibility” for yet another bungled military operation under his watch, why hasn’t he resigned? Why has nobody else? Are there congressional hearings planned to find out what happened, and have people testify under oath? McKenzie himself said there may be further consequences, but if he was any type of leader, he would lead by example and resign.
  6. After the strike, the Pentagon said on Aug. 30 that “there was a high degree of confidence in the target.” The White House backed up the narrative. Why the cover up? (rhetorical question)
  7. Why did the U.S. back itself into a corner by abandoning Bagram air base, a well-protected, strategically located airfield? Karzai International Airport in Kabul was basically defenseless, was guarded by the Taliban and left the U.S. with no options.
  8. How did this mistake occur and exactly how accurate is the U.S. military when it comes to airstrikes? Common sense would dictate an immediate review of airstrike policy to ensure mistakes like this do not happen again in the future.
  9. The use of carefully targeted airstrikes to take out threats to the United States, such as Soleimani are an important arrow in the quiver of the U.S. military. Will this egregious error result in our national security being compromised by discouraging legitimate, accurate targeted killings of our enemies?
  10. Finally, will the United States via the Biden administration be forced to apologize to the Taliban regime and pay reparations? McKenzie was specifically asked about reparations and dodged the question.As Breitbart notes, if the Taliban presses the issue, they may find international support from the numerous countries in the world who hate us. And knowing the feckless Biden, he will be more than willing to open the taxpayer’s wallet and drop it on the Taliban.

While McKenzie offered a public apology Friday, according to NBC News, nobody has contacted the family of those killed to do so.

“No one [has contacted] with us to apologize,” said Emal Ahmadi, whose toddler Milika was among the seven children killed in the ill-fated strike.

He said that he was surprised to hear of the public apology from the U.S. since he personally had not been contacted by a single U.S. official directly. He’s also looking for a pay day from the U.S.

“I lost ten members of our family, and the U.S. should pay. (The) U.S. should pay compensation for us and should transfer us from Kabul,” he said.

Another relative, Ramin Yousuf, a cousin of Ahmadi who was a military instructor with Afghan forces prior to the U.S. turning over Kabul to the Taliban, said the most important thing is the loss of their family.

“In one minute, we (lost) everything. What pain does this apology cure?”

He added, “We have no choice but this.”

He also fears the family could be targeted by the Taliban after they spoke out about their situation, which is why they are desperate to leave the city.

He said that U.S. officials should call the family directly and “apologize (to the) mother of every child” killed in the strike. NBC said they reached out to the Pentagon for comment but received no response.

To make matters worse, Ahmadi was actually an aid worker who worked for a U.S.-based nonprofit which was working to address malnutrition in Afghanistan. He had just pulled up at his home from work when his son Farzad, age 13 ran out to meet with him. It was then that the vehicle was struck by the U.S. drone, killing Ahmadi, Farzad, and eight other family members.

During the Friday announcement, McKenzie said that the United States was “considering ex gratia or reparations” for the incident and added that the Pentagon was in consultation with the office of the Secretary of Defense to determine a way forward there.”

He continued, however that “as you understand, it’s very difficult to reach out on the ground in Afghanistan, to actually reach people.”

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Motives, Incentives, and Guts!

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The Trenches

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Where’s the media? Far-left activist convicted in domestic terror attacks against Washington trains

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(Originally published September 14th, 2021)

SEATTLE, WA – A second conviction was reached regarding the two far-left activists who were charged back in November of 2020 of a domestic terrorism plot where the two used “shunts” in an effort to disrupt trains on the tracks that can lead to derailments – and the trains crossing the pathways during the period contained crude oil.

The first of the two defendants pleaded guilty in July, with both now facing up to 20 years in federal prison.

We at Law Enforcement Today previously reported on the arrests of now 28-year-old Samantha Frances Brooks and 24-year-old Ellen Brennan Reiche.

Both of them were charged on November 30th of 2020.

The Justice Department charged the two with a terrorist attack lodged against the BNSF Railway tracks near Bellingham in Whatcom County.

According to a September 9th press release from the Justice Department, Reiche was found guilty of violence against a railroad carrier after having gone to trial.

Her co-defendant, Brooks, pleaded guilty to interference with a railroad signaling system on July 9th. Both of them are facing 20 years in federal prison.

Case testimony from Reiche’s trial noted that on video surveillance, Reiche and co-defendant Brooks were seen walking on the rails at a Bellingham crossing.

Deputies from the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the site where the defendants were later arrested for trespassing, and a shunt was discovered near where the deputies had originally come upon them along the tracks.

Reiche was found carrying wire, a drill with a brush head, a magnetic adhesive, and gloves in a paper bag.

The wire seemed to be the same as that utilized in prior shunting instances, as the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force worked with BNSF police to investigate 41 other shunt incidents on the BNSF tracks since January 19th of 2020.

The railroad crossing guard at Cliffside Drive in Bellingham could have been dangerously disrupted by the shunt that was placed on the rails. Not after the two were discovered by deputies, a train carrying crude oil and other cargo was scheduled to pass through the tracks they’d placed the shunts on.

Shunts being used to disrupt trains caused a decoupling incident on October 11th, 2020, where authorities found multiple shunts placed in three different areas in Whatcom and Skagit Counties. While not directly being tied to these two defendants, it showcased how detrimental shunts can be to trains on the tracks.

Not to mention, roughly a month after these two were arrested, a BNSF train derailed and caught fire north of Bellingham, Washington. We at Law Enforcement Today also reported on that incident, and officials later found that the derailing was linked to terroristic sabotage.

According to the Justice Department, Reiche’s two day trial only required three hours of jury deliberation before a guilty verdict was returned. Brooks, as mentioned earlier, avoided going to trial to instead plead out to a lower charge in July – but one that still carries up to 20 years in federal prison. 

It was noted that the judge in Brooks’ case will determine an “appropriate sentence” that might not reflect the full 20 years she potentially faces. 

Brooks will be sentenced by Chief U.S. District Judge Martinez on October 8th, 2021. Reiche will be sentenced by Chief U.S. District Judge Ricardo S. Martinez on December 17th, 2021.

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As mentioned earlier, we at Law Enforcement Today shared a report of Brooks and Reiche’s arrests last year, while also highlighting how their efforts seemed to be part of a broader network of terrorists operating under the guise of activism.

Here’s that previous report.


SEATTLE, WA – Federal charges have been brought against two individuals for allegedly trying to compromise train tracks near Bellingham in Whatcom County by placing “shunts” onto the tracks. 

These “shunts” are said to have the capacity to disrupt “the low level electrical current on the tracks and can disable various safety features,” which can result in a domino effect up to even derailments. 

And according to a report from the Post Millennial, one of the accused is even  a former Washington State Democrats deputy field organizer. 

The Department of Justice announced the charges against 27-year-old Samantha Frances Brooks and 23-year-old Ellen Brennan Reiche on November 30th, with both being charged with terrorist attack on a railroad facility. 

U.S. Attorney Brian T. Moran had been the one to announce the charges against the two, making mention on how railroads have become a target as of late with regard to terrorist attacks: 

“Since January there have been 41 incidents of shunts placed on the BNSF tracks in Whatcom and Skagit counties—causing crossing guards to malfunction, interfering with automatic braking systems, and, in one case, causing the near-derailment of tanks of hazardous chemicals.”

The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force has been taking a closer look into instances where “shunts” have been placed on train tracks ever since they began cropping up in January. 

According to the DOJ, a “shunt” is composed of and accomplishes the following: 

“The shunt is comprised of wire and magnets that are stretched between the tracks, disrupting the systems that indicate a train is on the tracks.”

Ten out of the 41 incidents recorded so far saw these “shunts” strategically placed “in areas that disrupt the crossing guards where the tracks cross streets,” which the DOJ noted could result in unsuspecting vehicle operators being struck by trains when crossing over tracks. 

One of the most near-catastrophic incident was said to have occurred on October 11th, when numerous “shunts” were placed in three different locations in Whatcom and Skagit Counties. 

What said “shunts” triggered was the automatic braking system on the train that was transporting hazardous and combustible material. A portion of the train wound up decoupling, which when that transpires, can result in a derailment. 

While luckily a derailment did not happen that evening in October, it could have resulted in “tanker cars of flammable gas,” toppling through a residential area. 

The DOJ report noted that an “anarchist website” had even published “a claim of responsibility” following the January 19th incident. Turns out that website is none other than “It’s Going Down” – a popular website used to spread the ideology of Antifa enthusiasts. 

According to the post shared online by the website on January 22nd, the website noted that “The Following Communique Was Sent To It’s Going Down Anonymously, Which We Reprint Below,” in an effort to absolve them from sharing literal instructions on committing acts of terrorism against the BNSF railroad tracks. 

The post shared by ITG, from the perspective of the anonymous author, explained in great detail how they were able to “interrupt” the supply chain from Washington to Canada by describing a method employed that only “shunts” could pull off: 

“[W]e disrupted the high volume railway that moves resources from the active ports of Everett, Edmonds, Seattle, and further south to the Blaine border crossing into Canada. We were able to interrupt the track circuit used to detect the presence or absence of a train on the tracks.”

“With high resolution maps, Google Street view, good scouting, and a little flexibility, this tactic is fast and discreet. On a single rail track with a Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) system, this simple action can generate enough confusion in the system to cause big slow downs and bureaucratic delays.”

“You should do this too.”

Well, according to the DOJ, it seems Brooks and Reiche took a page right out of that call to action on November 28th. 

BNSF Police were said to have observed via video surveillance two people kneeling on the tracks near a crossing in Bellingham. When Whatcom County Sheriff’s deputies caught up with the suspects at the scene, they’d happened upon Brooks and Reiche. 

A “shunt” was reportedly found applied to the tracks where the suspects were observed on camera and the two suspects were in possession of a bag containing wire, a drill with a brush head attached and some rubber gloves. 

The DOJ report noted that the wire seized from the suspects happened to be of the same ilk sued in other incidents involving “shunts”. 

In a reportedly now-deleted LinkedIn profile, Reiche happened to be the deputy field organizer for Washington State Democrats. 

Both of the accused were said to have made their first appearance in federal on November 30th and the next court appearance is slated for December 14th. The duo could face up to 20 years in federal prison, but have surprisingly been afforded pre-trial release. 


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Report: Cleveland Mayor’s grandson fatally shot over the weekend – but police say he was no innocent kid

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Re-Fund The Police

CLEVELAND, OH – A 24-year-old man, identified as Frank Q. Jackson, was reportedly gunned down on the evening of September 19th. The victim in the shooting happens to be the Cleveland mayor’s grandson, with reports noting the mayor’s presence at the crime scene as police were investigating.

Police say the shooting happened at approximately 9:10 p.m. near the intersection of Sidaway Avenue and East 70th Street. Jackson had reportedly been dropped off by a third party at the intersection, when an unknown individual ran up to him and shot him multiple times.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and Chief of Police Calvin Williams were reported as both being on the scene of the shooting for several hours, with reportedly a large police presence and other officials.

Investigators have not released any information about possible suspects in the case. However, Cleveland.com released a report that notes a man was charged three days earlier for arson after allegedly torching Jackson’s vehicle back in 2019.

According to the report, Jackson’s death came three days after 29-year-old James Greathouse was charged with arson for setting fire to Jackson’s car – but the circumstances around the arson incident are even more peculiar.

Jackson’s vehicle was reportedly spotted speeding away from the scene of an August 2019 fatal shooting.

It was on August 28th of 2019 when 30-year-old Antonio Parra called his mother to tell her the great news of him landing a new job at a restaurant in downtown Cleveland and that he was about to guy buy some new clothes for his first day on the job.

Yet, three hours after that call, he was killed.

And Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O’Malley named Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s grandson as the lead suspect in the case in the weeks that followed.

Parra was reportedly gunned down by two male suspects as he was leaving a barber shop on the afternoon of August 28th of 2019. A witness had seen the two shooters run back to a vehicle that sped away from the scene – and authorities say that the vehicle was registered to Jackson.

A perturbing element regarding the investigation into this 2019 murder are the anomalies that transpired during the investigation, as when police went to speak with Mayor Jackson about his grandson being a suspect in Parra’s murder – their body cameras were turned off.

Furthermore, police didn’t take Jackson into custody – despite learning hours after Parra’s death that Jackson’s vehicle was spotted as the getaway car for the murder. Instead, they allowed him to come into the station the following day – ruining any chance of obtaining gun powder residue if it were present on Jackson.

Jackson would later tell authorities that he’d sold the vehicle prior to the murder.

Prosecutor O’Malley, reasonably concerned over the aforementioned anomalies, had publicly called for the city to authorize an outside agency to handle the investigation moving forward.

But then, another interesting development would crop up: the torching up Jackson’s vehicle that was allegedly spotted during the murder.

Two days after O’Malley made such calls, Jackson’s car was found charred next to an abandoned building that rests behind a dilapidated former church on Cleveland’s East Side.

Over two years following Parra’s murder, the arrest of Greathouse for allegedly setting Jackson’s vehicle ablaze is the only thing close to a break in the murder investigation.

Apparently, a hat that was found near the torched vehicle was sent for lab testing and was found to have had Greathouse’s DNA on it – which led to the charges three days before Jackson’s murder.

Greathouse reportedly has a violent criminal history, having been sentenced to three years in prison in 2011 regarding three separate offenses – including two shooting incidents. Reports also note that Greathouse has a history of threatening to kill witnesses.

While it is unclear whether the recent charges against Greathouse have anything to do with Jackson’s recent murder, it’s difficult to overlook the bizarre coincidences considering the connections.

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Cleveland extremist group founder found guilty in plot to lure and ambush law enforcement officers to start uprising

(Originally published May 19th, 2021)

CLEVELAND, OH – A Cleveland man trying to grow a militia movement has been found guilty of an attempted plot to kidnap and ambush law enforcement officers responding to a false distress call in order to start an uprising.

Acting U.S. Attorney Bridget M. Brennan announced that a federal jury found Christian Ferguson, 21, of Cleveland, Ohio, guilty of two counts of attempted kidnapping.

Ferguson was arrested for plotting to kidnap and kill officers to draw attention to his up-start militia, called “75th Spartans,” and to steal officers’ weapons and equipment.

Attorney Brennan said:

“Mr. Ferguson devised a plan, and took steps to see it through, that involved placing a fake distress call to lure responding officers to the scene so that he could violently attack them, steal their department-issued weapons and equipment, and incite various militias to similarly attempt to overthrow the U.S. government and its institutions.

“Exploiting first responders’ most solemn obligation – to protect and serve – as a way of luring them into a violent ambush and inciting violence against our democratic institutions was cowardly, heinous, and, as Mr. Ferguson’s jury determined today, criminal. 

“The community members who reported this plan, and the federal agents who worked to prevent it, should be commended for their actions.  Lives were saved.”

FBI Special Agent in Charge Eric B. Smith called Ferguson’s intentions “cowardly” and “despicable”:

“Christian Ferguson’s plan was to lure law enforcement to a remote location then murder as many as he could in hopes of starting an ‘uprising.’

“Mr. Ferguson then attempted to recruit others to assist him in this cowardly and despicable act.  We wish to thank those citizens who advised the FBI of the hateful and violent feelings Ferguson held for law enforcement. 

Ferguson’s guilty verdict will ensure he is no longer able to promote or commit violence against those charged with the solemn responsibility to stop it.”

 The FBI began investigating Ferguson in April 2020 after receiving a tip about violent extremist posts in a chatroom.  Investigators said he sought information on purchasing high-powered firearms and creating homemade explosives.

Investigators learned that he had talked in chatrooms of the gaming app Discord about killing multiple people and disposing of bodies, as well.

In a March 21 message, Ferguson reportedly wrote:

“If we can keep 1 or 2 alive to get answers great but it’s not an objective.”

The probe discovered that Ferguson was plotting to lure officers with false in-progress calls to remote areas where they could be robbed of their weapons and ballistic vests, and possibly killed.

According to a statement issued by the Department of Justice (DOJ):

“In March of 2020, Ferguson further discussed this plot in the chatroom in greater detail.  Specifically, Ferguson’s discussed purchasing high-powered firearms, creating homemade chemical weapons, and leaving a “calling card” to promote media attention to his intended uprising. 

As part of the plot, Ferguson intended for the ambush to gather significant media attention and to inspire other militia groups.  

 “Ferguson expressed an interest in a response by federal law enforcement officers to the phony distress call because he believed they had better quality firearms and body armor to steal.  Furthermore, Ferguson made statements about tactical options for killing multiple targets and the disposal of their bodies.

Based on their investigation, federal authorities planted a “confidential human source” into the chatroom controlled by Ferguson. The plot grew, and Ferguson met with several “confidential human sources” on several occasions to discuss his plan and move toward action.

Ferguson engaged in practice drills with an AR-15 rifle and conducted reconnaissance in a “dry run” in preparation for carrying out his plot against officers, according to the DOJ.

Ferguson chatted that he wanted to draw attention to the “75th Spartans” by leaving a calling card at the scene of the eventual attack:

“We’ll just need to leave a calling card with the Spartans name. Once the media gets a hold of our card we’ll spread like wild and other militias will get up.”

Ferguson planned his “final play” for Washington, DC.

Ferguson was arrested on May 8 after taking affirmative steps toward killing officers. The DOJ described the incident:

“On May 8, 2020, Ferguson ultimately facilitated a hoax distress call within the boundaries of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park to gauge response time by Park Rangers. 

“Ferguson believed four federal officers arrived and indicated that if that many officers respond(ed) to the actual event, they would likely have to kill them all.  Shortly thereafter, Ferguson was placed under arrest.”

At the time of his arrest, U.S. Attorney Justin Herman said Ferguson wanted to spark a violent uprising against law enforcement:

“Christian Ferguson was actively planning to ambush, kidnap, and even kill law enforcement officers in order to carry out his plot of a violent uprising.

“We must demonstrate that these types of threats to law enforcement or to commit such heinous acts of violence in our community will not be tolerated.”

Special Agent in Charge Smith thanked the public for speaking up and alerting authorities to the threat posed by Ferguson:

“The primary mission for law enforcement officers and special agents is to protect the public. Christian Ferguson’s primary mission was to kill as many law enforcement personnel as he could, an unfathomable concept. 

“Thanks to the public for advising the FBI of the hateful and violent feelings Ferguson held for law enforcement.  This information led to the swift disruption of Ferguson’s plans and his reckoning with the criminal justice system.  Law enforcement reminds the public:  See something, say something!”

Ferguson is scheduled for sentencing on August 27, 2021.

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New York governor orders immediate parole and release of nearly 200 Rikers inmates because of staffing shortage

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NEW YORK, NY- Who knew New York could go from bad to just as bad after the resignation of touchy-feely Andrew Cuomo last month? From all appearances, the state’s new governor may be just as useless as her predecessor.

One of her first actions as governor will be to release 191 detainees from Rikers Island, which has been severely understaffed for months, with some units completely lacking guards, according to rt.com.

Under her “Less is More Act,” individuals who are subject to “technical parole violations” who would normally be locked back up would no longer be incarcerated. Gov. Kathy Hochul says that this is one of the primary contributors to Rikers being overcrowded.

“Parole in this state often becomes a ticket back into jail because of technical violations,” she said.

She explained this could be as simple as “someone caught with a drink or using a substance or missing an appointment.”

While the law doesn’t go into effect until next March, Hochul ordered the parole board to immediately release the 191 individuals on Friday, while moving some 200 Rikers inmates to state prisons over the next week or so hoping it will relieve some of the overcrowding.

Despite those measures, Rikers will remain understaffed at a critical level.

Reports indicate that around 2,700 employees which comprises one-third of the entire staff are unable to work on any given day. The result of this has been that some units are actually being run by the inmates themselves, which not surprisingly has led to an explosion of violence.

When guards do work, they are subject to work long hours, usually double or even triple shifts Since December, the jail has seen 10 inmate suicides, and as mentioned above some units are being run by the criminal inhabitants.

Employees have described the facility as “filthy,” with bodily fluids covering the walls and floors. Correction Department Commissioner Vincent Schiraldi was taken aback by conditions at the jail, stating during a city council hearing last week that the situation was “worse than I imagined.”

Coronavirus is also playing a part in conditions inside the jail, with a reported 65 cases being identified last week. Because of overcrowding in the jail, it is impossible to isolate or quarantine suspected cases, Board of Correction member Dr. Robert Cohen told city council members during the hearing.

Hochul has made a commitment to reduce overcrowding in New York jails and prisons and said that other inmates met “that threshold” of having technically violated parole without committing a separate offense.

The New York Post reported that Hochul called the situation at Rikers “deeply disturbing,” which led her to act ahead of the March 1 implementation of the new law. Hochul claimed the inmates she is ordering released “have served their sentences” for the crimes they committed and “do not need to be incarcerated.”

She said that some 65 percent of the parolees returned back to prison had only committed “a very technical violation” and noted that several Southern states “are ahead of us on this.’

“New York incarcerates more people for parole violations than anywhere in the country,” Hochul said. “That is a point of shame, and it needs to be fixed.”

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In case you missed it, below is a previous article we wrote about Rikers Island. 


NEW YORK CITY, NY – Last year, Mayor Bill De Blasio released scores of prisoners from Rikers Island while blaming the pandemic. This month, he plans to release dozens more of the “worst kind of criminals” because of a shortage of guards.

The second batch of early-release prisoners was supposed to begin on Thursday but has been delayed because of the widespread destruction brought on by Hurricane Ida, according to unnamed law enforcement sources who spoke with the New York Post.

One source said de Blasio would use any excuse to release prisoners from Riker’s Island, the infamous jail de Blasio vowed to close by 2026:

“(Mayor Bill de Blasio])wants to close Rikers and he will use any opportunity to release the prisoners. He is leaving in three-plus months, and he wants to release as many prisoners as he can.”

The new batch of prisoners to be released follows the release of more than 1,500 last year reportedly due to the coronavirus outbreak. The first release lowered the number of prisoners housed in Riker’s to 4,363, the lowest level in 70  years.

The population did not remain low, however, and grew to 5,730 by July, according to Department of Criminal Justice Services data.  Increases in shootings and serious assaults was cited as a contributing factor for the rise.

Mayor de Blasio wants to release more into the city. The law enforcement source said he was concerned:

“There are only the worst kind criminals left in jail – people with gun arrests, shootings, sex crimes. No one is in for shoplifting.”

Corrections officers at the jail have been sounding the alarm for months about staff shortages. The guards have claimed poor working conditions have caused corrections officers to leave, making the situation worse.

Correction Captains’ Association president Pat Ferraiuolo said described the situation as dire:

“It’s worse than at the breaking point. They are the worst they have ever been in the history of Rikers Island.”

The Department of Corrections admitted staff shortages are causing unsafe conditions at the jail, but claimed the shortage was caused by sick guards and unavailable staff.

Around 3,500 out of 8,500 officers had called in sick in July or were medically exempt from working with detainees, the DOC said. Another 2,300, meanwhile, reportedly did not come in at some point in July.

Mayor de Blasio blamed the staff shortages on the pandemic and “absenteeism at an unacceptable level.”

The New York Daily Post reported that two Riker’s units, known as 3 West and 3 North, in the Otis Bantum Correctional Center at Riker’s ran without corrections officers for more than 24 hours last week because of staff shortages.

Terrance Ferguson, better known as hip-hop artist 2 Milly, is serving time at Riker’s for a gun charge. He said that the prisoners were running the jail unit he was in because of staff shortages:

“We are really running the dorm by ourselves. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

De Blasio’s plan to release a second wave of prisoners comes as shootings and other serious assaults have surged in the city.

Reportedly, at least 180 prisoners are being considered for release, although the administration said not all of them will qualify.

Prisoners under consideration for release include Rashaen Powell, 30, who is serving a sentence for three counts of dealing drugs on school grounds. He also jumped bail.

Another prisoner being considered for release is Allen Nimmons, 56, who is a career burglar who has served seven sentences for burglary and is presently incarcerated for parole violations.

Corrections officers feel they are hitting a brick wall and circulated a text message this past weekend calling for a “bang-in,” a term used when the organization wants all corrections officers to call off sick at once to protest working conditions and staffing shortages.

Corrections officers said they are being used by the city and are forced to work “daily triple/quadruple tours,” “unmanned posts” and “no meal breaks.” The text message read:

“We have been taken advantage of for too long. Let’s take our lives back.”

As is typically the case with emergency and vital service “sick outs,” the plan fell apart when correctional officers showed up for work. One guard who was leaving said that if correctional officers called off, he would have just had to stay to work.

The 10-year veteran officer pointed out that the staffing shortage is creating a dangerous situation:

“If you look at the history of prison riots — if you look at Attica — it stems from the same thing: shortage of staff.”

Despite all the warnings, de Blasio still blames the shortages on staff and the pandemic. He plans to continue with the prisoner release as a way to solve the staff crisis and denies the increase in prison population was caused by the rise in crime, blaming the courts for the lack of trials being conducted.

The Mayor also said Wednesday that corrections officers are taking advantage of the pandemic:

“Absenteeism at an unacceptable level.

“And in many cases, unfortunately, it has not been real and justified absenteeism.”

Benny Boscio Jr., The Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association President, issued a statement Monday attacking the Mayor’s plan to release more prisoners:

“In yet the latest sign that Mayor de Blasio has completely lost his grip on reality, rather than hiring the necessary number of Correction Officers to maintain safety and security in our jails and keep New York City safe, he’s decided to release drug dealers, armed robbers, and other hardened criminals with no concern for public safety.

“Would someone please remind the Mayor that 70% of our inmates are recidivists and will most likely return to our custody by Christmas? New Yorkers should demand that the Mayor release these criminals on the steps of Gracie Mansion instead of their doorsteps!”

He went on to say that the city’s corrections officers knew de Blasio did not care about their safety:

“Correction Officers always knew he didn’t care if his policies resulted in one of us getting killed. Now it’s obvious that he doesn’t care if your family members get killed. This will do nothing to solve our staffing crisis and it will only jeopardize the lives of every single New Yorker!”

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