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September 2, 2015

“Dietary Cholesterol is no Longer a Nutrient of Concern”

That from the 2015 dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee.

That without any apologies for being wrong all these years.

Something to think about.

“Weight May Affect Onset of Alzheimer’s”

And not in a good way (as you might guess).

That was the title to an article in today’s paper. The byline was: “More midlife pounds meant neurological disorder struck earlier.” It went on to report on a research study.

Two other quick quotes:

“Obesity in midlife has long been suspected of increasing the risk of Alzheimer’s.”

And, “Maintaining a healthy BMI at midlife is likely to have long-lasting protective effects.”

My recent Posts sharing the research reported on by Dr. Slosberg in Idaho a couple of weeks ago follow the same line. There are some high points in terms of good news that should be emphasized since most of the research is on the negative side – things are really bad health-wise in this country when it comes to the consequences of poor dietary choices and lack of exercise (or activity in general as it turns out).

Anyway, here are some very simple and effective ways to reverse all of the negative physiology and manage some of the major risk factors for illness.

1. Stop eating sugar.
2. Stop eating so much carbohydrates as a percentage of the daily diet.
3. FAST! (As is, do #1 and #2 ‘fast’ and FAST). The “new” twist from the new research is that simply extending the time between supper and breakfast longer – to up to 16 hours but 12 would be a big improvement for most of us – confers all the amazing benefits of what most people think of when they hear the word fast. What’s really cool is that ALL of the negative physiological changes (the ones that, collectively lead to Metabolic Syndrome – the precursor to all the killer diseases we slowly die of) are reversed with fasting. That is really cool news, it’s new – in a sense – but, actually the Natural Hygienic folks have been saying these exact same things since before Jethro Kloss and Paul Bragg got on the scene.

Something to think about.

Oh, and #4. Just move – do anything you can to be more active – almost anything is better than what we have right now with way too many people.

August 29, 2015

Want a better smoothie? The Everett Herald

Today’s paper had a pretty good article in it about smoothies. Here it is. Her focus was taste mostly and good nutrition; taste is a matter of taste though so you will need to experiment if you start mixing and matching the ingredients she recommends.

Myself, I distinguish “smoothie” from “green drink” by whether or not I put ice cream in it:-) But that’s just me. For health purposes stick with green drinks centered around green leafy vegetables… the rest (ice cream smoothies) is just fun.

Here I have written about Green Drinks with a focus on using a blender instead of a juicer and why, and how to keep it simple while still getting acceptable taste. You might find it interesting.

August 28, 2015

The Myth of Physical Inactivity and Obesity

Yesterday I shared a Lancet study on the global burden of disease. Here we learn that “You cannot outrun a bad diet.”

Malhotra A et al. It is time to bust the myth of physical inactivity & obesity. BJSM Online First, published on April 22, 2015 as 10.1136/bjsports-2015-094911.

“The Lancet’s global burden of disease report states that poor diet now generates more disease than physical inactivity, alcohol and smoking combined. Up to 40% of those with a normal BMI harbor metabolic abnormalities associated with obesity: hypertension, dyslipidemia, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease & cardiovascular disease. Many still wrongly believe that obesity is entirely due to lack of exercise. This false perception is rooted in the foot industries pubic relations machinery, which uses tactics chillingly similar to big tobacco which successfully stalled government intervention for decades using a ‘corporate playbook’ of denial, doubt, confusing the public and buying the loyalty of bent scientists. Coca Cola spent $3.3 billion on advertising (2013) and associated its products with sport, suggesting it’s “Ok” to consume their drinks as long as you exercise, but this is misleading and wrong.”

“This study fulfills the criteria for causation.”

“A recent critical review concluded that dietary carbohydrate restriction is the single most effective intervention for reducing all features of the metabolic syndrome and should be the first approach in diabetes management, with benefits occurring even without weight loss.” (Emphasis mine.)

And… one more.

Foroughi, NG. et al. Prospective associatiations and population impact of sweet beverages and Type II diabetes, and effects of substitutions with alternative beverages. Diabetologia, April 2015 DOI: 10.1007/s00125-015-3572-1.

“Replacing the daily consumption of 1 serving of a sugary drink per day with either water or unsweetened tea or coffee can lower the risk of developing diabetes by between 14% and 25%. For each 5% increase of a person’s total energy intake per day provided by sweet drinks including soft drinks, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes may increase by 18%.” (Emphasis mine.)

I have gone to some effort over the years to alert you to the Tsunami of ill effects from a lifestyle of poor diet leading to obesity (Search “diabetes”, “obesity”, “weight loss”, etc. for Posts). This is more along those lines. I have also suggested strategies and tactics for getting off that path and onto the path of wellness and health. (Search “green drinks”, “JuicePlus+”, “tea”, as examples.)

August 27, 2015

“…a colossal disability burden.”

I mentioned a couple of years ago that back pain had become the #1 cause of disability not just in the U.S. but in the world, and shared an article.

Here a more recent analysis of the same data, published in Lancet, June 7, 2015, highlights further the implications for our future.

35,620 sources of data were looked at and among other things they looked at the “years lived with disability (YLD)”.

“The transition to non-fatal outcomes as the dominant sure of burden of disease is occurring rapidly outside os sub-Saharan Africa and will require more and more attention from health systems. Premature death rates are in decline… but the death toll has been replaced by a colossal disability burden. Leading cause of disability in order: Low-back pain, …”. (depression was #2, neck pain #4, anxiety #6, migraines #7, and falls were #9). Lifestyle & age-related conditions are exerting a greater toll with “startling increases” in health loss from diabetes (it was #8), Alzheimer’s disease, osteoarthritis, etc. (Emphasis mine.)

One of the authors says that their findings are “a call to arms for policy makers to put more priority on keeping older people active, diagnosing & treating diseases more quickly and finding new ways of reducing suffering.” (Emphasis mine.)

What does proper chiropractic care and exercise do?

It keeps people active!!

(Notes from the August 22-23, 2015 Applying Cutting-Edge Research to Everyday Practice seminar by Dr. Malik Slosberg, D.C., M.S.) There are 132 pages of research excerpts and a an 11 page addendum current as of “Thursday” included. This is me sharing them with you:-)

August 26, 2015

Alterations in Cortical & Cerebellar Motor Processing in Subclinical Neck Pain Patients Following Spinal Manipulation

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JMPT 2013; 36:527-537

“Alterations in trunk muscle recruitment patterns have been observed in mechanical low back pain patients. These changes in muscle recruitment patterns are likely an adaptation to underlying spinal instability resulting from: …” “These findings indicate that the deficits in proprioception and motor control, rather than the pain itself, may be the main factors defining  the clinical picture of various chronic pain conditions.” (Emphasis mine.)

What does chiropractic care and proper exercise do?

Improve proprioception and motor control!

(Notes from the August 22-23, 2015 Applying Cutting-Edge Research to Everyday Practice seminar seminar by Dr. Malik Slosberg, D.C., M.S.) There were 132 pages of research excerpts and a an 11 page addendum current as of “Thursday” included. This is me sharing them with you:-)

August 25, 2015

FitBALL SeatingDiscs – We Now Have Them!

Versa Disc

Versa Disc

These seating discs used to be called Disc-O-Sits… that was then, this is now.

A Seating Disc is made of high quality gym ball material. You blow it up yourself with your mouth so you put a little of a lot of air in them.

They are tough: in the absence of blades or flame they should outlast you.

Why would you want one?

1. You sit a lot and your back hurts from sitting so much. (Sitting on one of these discs feels like sitting on a ball and has all the same wonderful benefits.) Note: in our office these replace the Backtivator which used to be great but most won’t hold air any more so I have stopped buying and recommending them.

2. You need to improve you balance. (BECAUSE YOU DO NOT WANT TO FALL!!!) If that’s you, these are the most fun, fastest, and simplest means of dealing with that. Just position yourself in a corner and practice standing on it: first both legs, then one at a time, then with the eyes closed. Your ability to balance will skyrocket!

3. You want to increase your “core” strength (think stability – spine or otherwise). Many exercises are made much more challenging by the addition of an unstable – seating disc – surface. Think push ups, sit-ups, squats, lunges, side bridges, etc.

4. You want a great deal on the price. I picked up 7 of them while attending a seminar in Post Falls, ID this past weekend, so I got a deal: not shipping and a break for buying so many. I paid $25 a piece. You can have one for $29 (plus tax). So call 425-348-5207 or stop by when we’re open and get one while they last:-)


August 21, 2015

Today In Twisp


August 19, 2015




A JuicePlus+ customer completed their JuicePLus+ Effect Survey yesterday.

Out of 17 questions, he said “yes” to 11. Here are the yeses after only 4 months of taking the JuicePlus TRIO of capsules (Orchard, Garden and Vineyard Blends of fruits, vegetables and berries):

An increase in the amount of water you drink? YES
A reduction in the amount of fast food and/or soft drinks you consume? YES
An improvement in the quality of your sleep? YES
An increase in your energy level? YES
Any weight loss (if you felt you needed to lose weight)? YES
A reduction in the number of cold or flu-like symptoms? YES
(Or has your dentist noticed) healthier gums-things like less bleeding when brushing or flossing, or a healthier pink color? YES
(Or has your hair dresser noticed) indications of healthier hair – things like shinier hair, stronger hair, or more hair growth? YES
Stronger or faster growing nails? YES
Improvements in your complexion, such as smoother skin, clearer skin, a reduction in the oiliness or dryness or your skin, or just and overall healthier glow? YES
An improvement in your general sense of wellbeing? YES

Like many folks some of these changes hadn’t really occurred to him until he was asked, just like chiropractic patient who don’t realize until asked that their breathing or their digestion improved after chiropractic care.

August 13, 2015

Wrapping up the Miracle Cure – Gym Balls

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[Nine year ago this month…]

The First Trick
The Second Trick
The Third Trick
The Fourth Trick
The Fifth Trick

In the end there is a lot you can do with a ball. What I’ve covered are spine specific approaches to managing spinal joint dysfunction issues.


Here I will share what occurs without any conscious effort but is instead a by-product of just doing work on the ball. It hints at the power of the ball and illustrates how much is going on behind the “scenes.”

The first time I played on the ball it was positioned between two adjusting tables and I was just fiddling around. I did end up falling over backward though, and had to catch myself on a table. And I remember being vaguely couscious of how tough it was just to stay in control… lifting my feet and keeping my balance was not even a consideration.

Six months later after doing the ball tricks I have shared here, I just decided to lift my feet. It was easy, and has been every since, to stay balanced while keeping both feet off the floor.

So, developing that kind of balance comes naturally as you do what you do on the ball. That says a lot about the neuro-musculo-skeletal coordination that is orchestrated on your behalf.

As a 6th Ball Trick, just sit there balancing for a while. You will get a sense of how much is going on. It is very good spine work, and it’s fun!


Keep playing,


August 12, 2015

Research Study Around A “Controversy” Finds “…no Significant Association…”

Our adversaries manufacture controversy to their benefit… until light shines on the facts.

August 11, 2015

Interesting Article on the Vagus Nerve (brain, stomach, heart connection)

This article has a lot in it and it goes in a variety of directions.

But to me it reiterates the importance of getting  subluxations adjusted (via the Activator Method of course:-) and practicing as many healthy habits are you can (notice breathing, yoga/tai chi, and other habits that I have Blogged about are recommended).

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