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September 19, 2020

Seth Godin Again: Right On As Usual!

“Is that the most important thing?” 

If you want to have an argument, to raise tempers or to distract, the easiest thing to do is start bringing up things that are easy to argue about.

Not the things that are important.

Because the important things require nuance, patience and understanding. They require an understanding of goals, of the way the world works and our mutual respect.

If someone keeps coming back to an irrelevant, urgent or provocative point instead, they’re signaling that they’d rather not talk about the important thing.

Which is precisely what we need to talk about.

(I offer this Post, or re-Post, seconds after I made a comment on a social media platform that is guaranteed to get me into the middle of an argument:-)

September 18, 2020

What We Do Not Sell

With over 2,000 Blog Posts total, there are dozens of Posts about what we sell: mainly JuicePlus and Blue Green Algae supplements.

There are a few other things, like BioFreeze, but not much.

However there are products that we very much endorse, recommend, and rave about. One is COLD FIRE. The other is RAM cleaner.

COLD FIRE – Here is a Post about it, with a link to the Amazon site where you can get the best price.

A COLD FIRE cousin called BARRICADE is for protecting your home from burning down.

RAM is an environmentally friendly general purpose cleaner of the highest order. Their number is: 800.326.2466

September 17, 2020

For Tai Chi Students: Week Two TCC Star

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September 14, 2020

Be the 3%!

Nuts and beans, grains and greens EVERY DAY!!!

September 4, 2020


August 31, 2020

Modern Mainstream Medicine

Importantly, the link below highlights the very important role that regulation plays.

I think that the lesson here, as well as with many of the current issues in the country and the world, is that independent thinking is well worth the effort. We all have to be careful about being lead to conclusions and actions that serve an unintended master: subtle seduction sells – whose fault is it if we keep buying?


August 29, 2020

“execution of the obvious”

A Blue Zones report on how the Danish do things…

There might be some social engineering messages here that I do not agree with, but if you only go by the explicit (words), there is little to argue with.

Seth Godin: Systemic Problems

Systemic problems 

… demand systemic solutions.

First, we have to pay attention.

Then we need to acknowledge that a solution is possible.

And then we need to commit. To the long, persistent road to altering the status quo.

The world is forcing us to pay attention to lingering problems more urgently than ever before. Real change on issues of dignity, justice and health are long overdue

Urgent problems are too important to earn only a moment of our attention. Important projects demand that we keep showing up to make the change we seek. Showing up and showing up, at the root and at every turn, consistently working toward systemic solutions.

When we think about the problems we’ve solved as a community, this is the way it always happens. Making things better, over time, with focus. Persistent commitment doesn’t lower the urgency of the moment, it acknowledges it.

August 24, 2020

For Tai Chi Students: Stephen Wooster interview

August 19, 2020

For Tai Chi Students: Lesson One Image – STAR

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Tai chi is…

August 17, 2020

Showering Too Much? (Guilty!)

Showering Too Much May Be Wrecking our Skin Microbiome

August 10, 2020

FACE MASKS: The State of the State (WA State) on This Date!

Actually, I thought that this got Posted last week… so…

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