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March 26, 2015

A Picture Is Worth…

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March 25, 2015

Dr. Jan Roberto on JuicePlus+ Complete

YouTube video just over 6 minutes if you want Complete details!

March 24, 2015


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March 23, 2015

As If We Need To Be Told Again


March 20, 2015

There’s A Reason We Recommend JuicePlus+

Actually, there are many, but this article in the New York Times highlights a big issue that you can check off if you take JuicePlus+. We recommend that you take JuicePlus+.

Call if you have questions or to get started with your Order: (425) 348-5207.


March 17, 2015

Seth Godin’s Blog Post – Too Important Not To Repeat

The one who makes things worse 

Every committee or organization has at least one well-meaning person who is pushing to make things more average.

“On behalf of the masses, the uncommitted, the ones who don’t care, we need to dumb this down, smooth out the edges and make it more average. We need to oversimplify it, make it a bit banal, stupid even. If we don’t, then some people won’t get the joke, won’t be satisfied, or worse, complain.”

And, by amplifying the voice of the lizard brain, he gets under our skin and we back off, at least a little. We make the work a little more average and a little worse.

This is the studio executive who demands a trite plot, with the usual stereotypes and tropes, played by the usual reliable actor types.

This is the record producer who wants the new song to sound a whole lot like the last song.

This is the NGO executive who fears that the new campaign will offend some minor donors…

Yes, it’s true that the remarkable, edgy stuff we wanted to make wasn’t going to be embraced by everyone. But everyone is rarely the point any more.

In the service of honest communication, perhaps the one who makes things worse should acknowledge that this is what he does for a living. That way, if we want things to be a little more average, we’ll know who to ask.

March 16, 2015

If You Want To Loose Weight…

… eat grapes!

Well… grapes, among other foods (e.g., apples) are said to be Catabolic, meaning they provide less calories than it takes for your body to digest and assimilate them. There are detractors who want more science before endorsing such claims; and there are big shot medical establishments sitting on that fence (this article mentions the Mayo Clinic).

Remembering that we are told to eat 7-10 servings of fruits and vegetables each day, there are other reasons a person wanting to loose weight might choose either grapes or apples – they also are said to decrease appetite: that can be good right?

I think that all begs a completely different question: what should you be eating?

People pursuing health are wise to work on creating their own personal health food list. This is the list of foods you know are good for you in particular based on whatever filter (or filters) make sense to you to use. Here are some filters to consider: blood type, alkaline, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, fermented, etc.

I began creating my list back when Eat Right For Your Blood Type came out, or shortly after. I know it’s not a great great book, and not greatly written, but it was a very good starting point. And when it comes to this, trial and error, and sensitivity to how your body responds (short as well as long term – they may mean different things) is the final gold standard.

March 9, 2015

The Juice Lady: Tips on Weight Loss

She always has good advice…

February 28, 2015

Box The Ears

February 27, 2015

Strength Training: The 3-5 Protocol and the Russian Ladder


I told someone over a week ago that I would put this up here, so I better get with it.

So the coveat here is that we are talking about STRENGTH only. The other is that I claim no authorship for any of this: it all came from the Kettle bell God: Pavel Tsatsouline. He is a fitness genius without equal and I highly recommend any and all of his books. In particular, for the purposes of this Post, his Power to the People, and From Russia with Tough Love. I would also recommend that anyone who wants to claim to be a gym type fitness person also read Naked Warrior and Beyond Bodybuilding. And, it goes without saying, that if you plan on becoming any kind of kettlebell guy, it would be silly not to read his books on that, starting with Enter the Kettlebell.

Back to the 3-5 Protocol

The first assumptions: the exercise you pick is a STRENGTH exercise; and you can do at least 3 without too much trouble. In this protocol you don’t go to fatigue or even beyond your ability to do a perfect Rep (Pavel is a freak about technique and you should be too if you want to stay safe.)

Here is what you do to get strong: This is about being ‘stronger than you look’, not about building size, but he knows all about that too and makes it equally easy and safe:-)

Do 3-5 Reps

Do 3-5 Sets

Rest 3-5 minutes between sets (it can be longer, as long as you like)

Do this 3-5 days per week.

Gradually build up to 5 sets of 5 reps 5 days per week without much rest between sets. That is a lot of progress if you couldn’t do 5 to begin with! BTW, this might takes many weeks to progress to; it doesn’t matter. When in doubt do what you can longer than you think you should have to before progressing to the next hardest progression.

So it could be 3 Sets of 3 Reps 3 Days per week; then up any one of those numbers, one or two at a time, until you are doing the 5X5.

Then move to a harder exercise (more weight, a variation, a different exercise, whatever).

Ok, now the Russian Ladder…

It’s easier to show than to tell, here is a ladder to 5:

1 Rep, then 2 Reps, then 3 Reps, then 4 Reps, then 5 Reps

That’s one ladder… think about it, you’ve done 15 Reps! (And you want to think of each “Ladder” as a “Set”. So… 3 Ladders to 5 would look like this:

1 Rep, then 2 Reps, then 3 Reps, then 4 Reps, then 5 Reps

1 Rep, then 2 Reps, then 3 Reps, then 4 Reps, then 5 Reps

1 Rep, then 2 Reps, then 3 Reps, then 4 Reps, then 5 Reps

With relatively short rests between the 1, the 2, the 3, etc., and relatively longer rests between each ladder (as long as you like really).

That’s 45 Reps! A lot of work got done. No struggle. It was heavy but not too hard. And you will feel it tomorrow, but you are not wiped out and can do your (physical) job, whatever that is.

Other options if, for example, you can’t do 4 Reps: ladders to 3 (1 Rep, then 2 Reps, then 3 Reps), first one, then two, then three Ladders. After this a Ladder to 5 will be a cinch.

You can mess with the numbers all you like. Here is another example: 2 Reps, then 4 Reps, then 6 Reps; 2, then 4 then 6 times 3, then 4 then 5.

When you combine the principles of the Ladder and the 3-5 Protocol, i.e., use the Ladder to get to the 5X5 sweet spot of strength training, you are benefiting from a wealth of hard won knowledge without having to know everything about why what you are doing works so well.

February 24, 2015

Do The Math On Where To Buy Your Supplements

Some people say that our JP+ supplements are expensive. (For some reason the primary research support of claims made and the third party endorsements of quality just aren’t compelling.) To that I usually agree – unless you compare it to the cost of not being healthy - sickness is really expensive – if you do the math.

Others believe that they get the same thing at a bargain price by buying at Walmart, GNC, Target or other retail stores.

You may want to re-think what you get for what you pay – depending on what results you are really after. Don’t take my word for any of this though – gather some facts for yourself.

Click here if you want to buy some of those expensive JuicePlus+ supplements – the ones with more research than any other, with third party endorsement of what is and what is not in them; and the ones that result in a very predictable (clinically proven actually) list of health benefits.

February 14, 2015

“Yes” and “No”

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Maybe “Yes” is the only love you know;

But sometimes Love shows up as “No”.

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