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March 15, 2014

What’s wrong with me?


Rephrasing the Subluxation: Capturing Lightning in a Bottle

That’s the name of a recent article by Dr. Anthony Rosner in Dynamic Chiropractic.

I have been going to write some Posts about the Subluxation for some time now, but his article with it’s focus on the nerve system, together with the focus and feature articles highlighting the Brain in the February issue of the National Geographic have compelled me to get with it.

Here is the definition of Subluxation as it will appear soon in the fourth edition of the Clinical Practice Guideline issued by the Council on Chiropractic Practice.

“Subluxation is a neurological imbalance or distortion in the body associated with adverse physiological responses, and/or structural changes, which may become persistent or progressive. The most frequent site for the chiropractic correction of the subluxation is via the vertebral column.”

The point of all of this is that the nerve system is infinitely complex. And when we talk with patients about their neck or back “not working right” it’s an understatement of huge proportions.

For a chiropractor, the answer to the question: “What wrong with me?” is Subluxation. I recently mentioned an article that I wrote for the State chiropractic association on that subject. It’s a condition that is serious; few completely recover from; and no one benefits from having. And it may be completely latent/silent or without symptom. Without being evaluated by a Chiropractic doctor (the only doctor trained to recognize it) you may have no idea that you have it.

Sure there is the whole back pain, neck pain, headache thing. Most of this Blog is about all of that and the relief, rehabilitation, recovery and prevention of those symptoms resulting from subluxation. But, there is another world of causes and effects when it comes to chiropractic care.

The first chiropractic patient was deaf. There is a growing body of research showing the effects throughout the body of receiving chiropractic care – hence the new definition above!

We have all heard that once you start going to a Chiropractor you have to keep going. That keeps all kinds of people away. But is the price paid by not pursuing health really worth it? Like any other so-called professional you need to find a chiropractor that you can trust.



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